Saturday Six 153

Saturday Six 153

photo by mackenzie smith kelley


SHOP | Tiny Grocer


After the retirement of Peg McCoy, owner of Farm to Market on South Congress, there was concern that the area had lost its small neighborhood grocer. Steph Steele wasn't about to let that happen, and Tiny Grocer was born. With a focus on local products, along with offering easy and delicious deli snacks and sandwiches, a walk-up ice cream and coffee window, and hard-to-find ingredients all in one place, she ensured the neighborhood held onto an essential business with a small-town feel. Stop by for a great bottle of wine, a quick and delicious lunch, or just swing by and say hi.




LISTEN | 1991 - Covey


In Covey's newest release, folk rhythms meld with indie rock for clean, upbeat vocals that deliver honest and forward lyrics. "A different home every year creates an oddly scattered head/Filled with unproductive thoughts that pair with existential dread." With a following that has exploded on social media, Covey has been slowly teasing his upcoming release Class of Cardinal Sin, and with "1991" quickly becoming our summer anthem, we are excited to see what the rest of the album holds. 




BROWSE | Rhino Booksellers


Every city needs a great bookstore, and Nashville is home to one of our favorites - Rhino Booksellers. Stocked full of used books, vintage titles, and rare finds, you could easily get lost in the stacks and you're sure to find a volume (or ten) that you weren't even looking for. Add to that the helpful and friendly owner, Fred Koller, and the very sweet and talkative shop cat, Charlotte, it's a must-visit for book-lovers and more casual readers alike. 




EXERCISE | Charity Miles


Getting out to enjoy the weather has been at the top of our list after each workday, and what better way to enjoy something we were already doing then to know it goes to a good cause. Charity Miles is a free app that donates for miles you've walked, and you can choose which organization your steps support, log your movement, and even sponsor friends who are using the app along with you. We didn't need much of an excuse to get out an enjoy the sunshine, but this makes it feel a bit brighter. 




IMBIBE | Turnstile


Good coffee? Check. Great beer? Check. Delicious burgers? Check. Throw in an outdoor, dog-friendly patio along with refreshing cocktails and we're sold. Located in North Austin, Turnstile carries the caffeine and Easy Tiger pastries you need to get your morning going, as well as the beer and cocktails to accompany your gourmet burger from their pop-up next door. With vegetarian options, chicken sandwiches and salads on the menu as well, it's easy to find something delicious to round out your day. 




SUPPORT | Austin Wildlife Rescue x Figure 8


This last one is a triple feature. Australia-based artist, Lenko, recently created a fun and colorful design for Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors here in Austin, and they used it as an opportunity to give to a great, local cause. Turning the drawing into a sticker, they're selling them online and at their East Austin shop and giving 100% of the proceeds to Austin Wildlife Rescue, a center that helps with the care and rehabilitation of local wildlife and is a highly valuable resource for the city (and animal lovers alike). With only a limited number made, we suggest you don't wait to get yours - supporting a beneficial organization has never looked this cute.



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