Saturday Six 155

Saturday Six 155


DRINK | Unknown Caller Bar


This is an easy one to spot considering we don't know how many British phone booths you find on the streets of Chattanooga typically. Unknown Caller Bar is a speakeasy nestled into Cherry Street downtown. Inside you'll find a rotating menu of delicious cocktails, a back-alley patio space to enjoy them on, and some of the friendliest staff in the city mixing them up behind the bar. Stop by on a Tuesday for taco night or even grab yourself some cocktails to-go for enjoying on your porch or patio - everything on their menu is available for canning up and heading home with you.




USE | Book Marks


Some people buy books based on the cover (yes, we know that's a no-no but we're guilty of doing it), some love taking their time browsing the shelves at their local shop, and some of us find our new favorite reads based on reviews. For anyone who does the latter, Book Marks is about to be your new go-to. With a rating system of Rave, Positive, Mixed or Pan, they scour the internet for what people are saying about a wide array of titles, and average them out to make it easier for you to discover that new book. They also have giveaways, upcoming releases, articles and blogs to browse, so it's all here in one easy-to-navigate spot.




EAT | Plow Burger


We kept hearing great things about this one and finally had to try it for ourselves. Everything on the Plow Burger menu is plant-based, from their wings to their sauces to their sandwiches, and their goal is to make sure their food has a positive and healthy impact not only on their customers, but on the environment it sources it's ingredients from. We grabbed ourselves the Campfire Burger, Breakfast Burger, and loaded fries (maybe we went a little overboard), but with how great everything was, there wasn't anything left over. With three locations and delivery available, they make it easy to enjoy...and we promise you will. 




LISTEN | Sharon Van Etten "epic Ten"


As she celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her album, epic, Sharon Van Etten invited other talented artists to collaborate on the release of her 2021 version, epic Ten. The original tracks are accompanied by covers from musicians like Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Shamir and more. They each bring their own artistry to these already dazzling melodies, giving them a new take on some of our favorite tracks from Van Etten. We suggest listening to them back to back and hearing the passion that was put into each version. 




FOLLOW | Pia Riverola


Pia Riverola's photography captures the world around us and brings attention to the shadows, shapes and colors that we sometimes miss as we go about our day. Born and raised in Barcelona, she began taking photos of her friends at age 12, and throughout the years has perfected the art of transforming the everyday into something extraordinary. Her images carry a softness that can be felt as you scroll through her gallery, but it's hard to explain so we suggest taking a look for yourself. 




SUPPORT | The Jed Foundation


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we wanted to highlight a valuable organization when it comes to mental health and wellness. The Jed Foundation was founded in 2000 after Donna and Phil Satow lost their son to suicide, and it ensures that teens and young adults have the resources and support they need for their emotional health. From developing life skills, to providing services including help with substance abuse, to working with families and schools to make sure they are a part of the plan, The Jed Foundation highlights resources that are necessary and sometimes not known. With multiple ways to help out and get involved, you can be part of an important source of support and a chance for someone to thrive and survive. 

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