Saturday Six 156

Saturday Six 156


WATCH | The Last Blockbuster


Remember the days of browsing video store aisles? Getting excited to snag the last new release on the shelf? Stocking up on your favorite candy for a movie-night in? There's something about the nostalgia of video rentals that is hard to explain in 2021...but Netflix's documentary, The Last Blockbuster, gives it a shot. Located in Bend, OR, this final remaining location keeps that emblem of a former era alive, but for how long? Sit down with the current employees, past employees (some turned actors) and people just like us - all who miss something so unheard of in the days of streaming.




BUY | Ooni Koda Pizza Oven


You may have already seen one while scrolling through Instagram, but we were recently introduced to the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven when a friend invited us over for pizza. We figured it would be a typical "throw-a-pie-in-the-oven" ordeal, but we quickly fell in love with this portable gem. Designed to make professional level pizzas at home, it's simple and easy to use right out of the box. Another fun part about it? You can use it for cooking vegetables, fish, steaks and a ton more, making it an instant staple for any backyard cooking you'll be doing this summer.




COOK | Simply Lakita Blog


Now that we have you thinking about food, it's the perfect time to bring up one of our favorite sources for comfort food with a modern twist. Simply Lakita shares the recipes from her childhood growing up in the south, sprinkled with some of her own additions, each one more delicious than the next. We love the entire dessert page and have to be careful how often we use the oatmeal cream pie recipe. It's good enough to be a nightly treat.  




READ | The Rock From The Sky


This children's book by Jon Klassen is quickly becoming a favorite read at bedtime. Made up of five short stories about friendship, gut-feelings, fate and the future, The Rock From The Sky has gotten laughs from the kids and, (with it's dry, witty humor), quite a few from the adults as well. It has suspense, animals with big personalities, and smart writing with deadpan delivery. Keep it on a shelf thats easy to reach - it's going to be one that you read often.




FOLLOW | @reserve_home


As we head out of a year spent staring at the inside of our walls, we probably all noticed a lot of things we wouldn't mind changing. That's why a great apartment design Instagram is a great follow to spark some motivation while we plan out some interior upgrades. Located in New York, Mallory of @reserve_home has filled her space with light, patterns, and honestly just downright charm. Give her a follow for ideas and easy inspiration on making a space feel bright and welcoming, or even just for a vivid and colorful addition to your IG feed.




LISTEN | "Human Condition" by Sjowgren


Based in San Francisco, we've consistently loved the music from Sjowgren since we first heard their track Seventeen back in 2016. Unsurprisingly we felt the same excitement when we heard their newest release, Human Condition. With their upbeat indie pop beats that are easy to dance to and hard not to even tap your feet to, this song is a summery and fun addition to their lineup of tracks, quickly making it onto our summer playlist for 2021.

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