Saturday Six 157

Saturday Six 157


WATCH | Notes On Blindness


Just days before the birth of his son in 1983, John Hull went blind. Knowing that this loss could destroy him, he pushed back by learning to understand it, recording hours of audio journals along with his wife as they navigated this new world they had no choice but to be a part of. Notes on Blindness takes his tapes and immerses you in his experience. Original audio tells his story over scenes acted out by Dan Renton Skinner and Simone Kirby, creating an emotionally intense film that is as heartbreaking as it is dazzling. Just listening to it will captivate you, but the film itself is a visual masterpiece.




SHOP | Wild One


With products that aim to be functional, sustainable, and durable (all while looking good), Wild Onecreates pet gear and goods that are uncomplicated and contribute to a good cause. From their eco-friendly, biodegradable bags, to their dishwasher and BPA-free toys, all the way to their chemical-free, vegan grooming products - each environment-conscious purchase goes towards supporting a charity or rescue mission. They also offer kits that throw together essentials for your furry friends daily walk, daily health, or daily play time, making it easier for you to get everything you need, or give as a gift to the dog lover in your life. 



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DOWNLOAD | Insight Timer


For a lot of us, we are going, going, going from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning. With endless thoughts about what's happening and what's next always creeping in, meditation seems nearly impossible. That's where Insight Timer comes in. It helps you find the right time of day for you to set your thoughts aside, the amount of time that works best for you, offers a wide range of practices, guided meditations that you can log, and a community of teachers and students there to help you along the way. Oh, did we mention that's all free? Although there are some unlimited courses if you want to subscribe, they make sure that daily improvement is at your fingertips and available when and how you need it. 




SHOP | Reigning Champ Terry Sweatshort


2020 taught us even more about the importance of comfort, whether it's our workwear, how we dress for errands, or what we wear through the weekend. Heading into the summer months, we grudgingly retired some of our favorite pants to stay cool, but luckily Reigning Champ made sure we didn't sacrifice when it comes to comfort level. Their Lightweight Terry Sweatshorts are a necessary staple for any closet - soft cotton with jersey-lined pockets and detailed zig-zag stitching, making these move easily from your workout to your weekday wear. 




READ | It Began With A Page


Many of us have seen the artwork of Gyo Fujikawa even if we didn't realize it, and in It Began With A Page, you learn the story of this imaginative illustrator whose work we grew up seeing. Kyo Maclear tells the story of Gyo, with exceptional illustrations by Julie Morstad, making this a perfect educational read for everyone in the family. Inventive, trailblazing and talented, Gyo Fujikawa's bio is portrayed in such a superb way through these pages, we couldn't wait to share it with the other parents in the family as a great addition to any bedtime routine. 



FOLLOW | Uzo Njoku


Uzo Njoku's creates colorful portraits and landscapes that embody 21st century subjects ranging from social media to love to gender to current events. Using oils and acrylics, her paintings are vibrant commentaries on the world around us. One of our favorites is from her 2020 collection (above), created during her lockdown in NYC and based on an illustration from the New Yorker in 1998 that she had loved. Scrolling through her gallery, you'll find humor, beauty and emotion flowing through her pieces. We can't wait to see what she creates next. 


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