Saturday Six 158

Saturday Six 158


ENJOY | HiHo Brewing Co. 


Founded by two former teachers working in Denver, HiHo Brewing Co. is located in Cuayhoga Falls, OH where they brought their love of craft beer back to their home state. Founded in 2017, they spent the last four years pulling together an amazing selection of beer, ranging from sours to lagers to stouts. We suggest sitting down and staying a while so you can pair their great brews with some delicious pizza from their kitchen for a full night out.




WATCH | Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art


When you hear about forgery and fraud in the art world, the typical first response is outrage. This documentary on Netflix about one of the biggest scams in the art world makes you consider something else - what if someone had the talent to pull off an imitation that could fool even the most talented critics, scholars....and even the world? Give it a watch and ask yourself, "Would you have known the difference?"




LISTEN | Damien Jurado "The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania"


We fell in love with Damien Jurado's music back in the late 90's (yes, it has been that long), and our appreciation for his albums hasn't waned. His most recent release, The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania, doesn't disappoint, continuing his delivery of well-crafted lyrics and opening with minimal, light guitar set behind his vocals. Another release that sits with us and is as remarkable as it is memorable, we suggest putting it on, sitting back, and giving the lyrics the full listen they deserve. 




READ | The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place


A fun series to dive into for young readers who enjoyed the Lemony Snicket books, the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place follows the adventures of Penelope Lumley as governess to three children found in the wild and seemingly raised by wolves. Humor, mystery, and even lessons like the meaning of “poetic license” or common French phrases makes it a new and fun collection for any young book lover.




SHOP | Golde Kits


All natural, great-tasting, wellness-inducing, and Brooklyn-born. Golde offers products for promoting health from the inside out. No matter what you're looking for to boost your daily routine, there's a kit for you. With options for Immunity Boosts, Matcha Lovers, Golden Glow (with face masks), or Superfood Latte Blends, they sell quickly and work well. While we wait for our pre-order of the the Latte Kit, we've been browsing their blog and finding tips, tricks and recipes to stay happy and healthy in the meantime.




VISIT | The Clark - Ground/work


If you find yourself near the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA during the coming year, we suggest stopping by the expansive Ground/work exhibit. Using the trails and woods that stretch across the 140-acre campus, a wide range of contemporary artists came together to create this outdoor landscape and exhibition. Open to the public with no tickets needed and available to walk through night and day until mid-October of this year, there's plenty of time and plenty of space to explore.  


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