Saturday Six 161

Saturday Six 161

Juneteenth is a chance to celebrate Black and African American culture and achievements throughout the country and history. For this special edition of the Saturday Six we are breaking down six categories with multiple options to celebrate, learn and look forward.





To Learn | Four Hundred Souls
A community of writers come together in this collection that spans 400 years and explores a wide range of historical moments in different styles through multiple voices.

To Explore A Classic | I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
This memoir by Maya Angelou tells the story of her childhood and a life of exploration, revelation, perception and resounding strength.

To Share With Family | The People Could Fly
An anthology of folktales that are rich with culture and include notes and facts about their origins and meaning, making it a great addition to a young reader's bookshelf.






Comedy | Insecure
Issa Rae's incredible talent and wit shine through in this HBO show that explores friendships, relationships, work dynamics and all the awkwardness in between.


Drama | When They See Us
Based on the true story of the Central Park Five, this limited series will evoke a wide range of emotions and is sure to kick off a deep-dive into the stories of the real life youth and where they are now.


Documentary | Soundtrack For A Revolution
This film from 2009 explores the music of the Civil Rights Movement and what the rhythms evoked, from the church pews to the picket lines.






Podcast | Fresh Air "The History of Juneteenth"
Terry Gross sits down with Annette Gordon-Reed, author of On Juneteenth, and speaks with the Pulitzer Prize Winner, historian and professor about what the day meant all those years ago and what it has come to mean now.


Album | Sonny Sharrock's "Ask the Ages"
The last album from this incredibly talented jazz guitarist is so powerful that it's hard to put into words why it so easily climbs to the top of the list. We suggest giving it a listen and seeing for yourself.


Playlist | Black History Salute
A collection of music from legends that were recently lost, this playlist from Spotify keeps their music in our speakers with this well-curated list of tracks.



image from darryl brown feature in gear patrol




Eat | A Dozen Cousins
Convenient, authentic, healthy and accessible ingredients that help you to create recipes that cross cultures and can bring diverse flavor into your dishes. They use their resources to provide grants and support to communities and non-profits within the US.

Wear | Darryl Brown
Hardworking, utilitarian clothing that is designed for a nine-to-five and everything after. We appreciate clothing that was built to last, and Darryl Brown was made to go beyond that.


Work | Cloth & Paper
Heading back into an office environment calls for reinvigorated organization, and it doesn't hurt for those tools to look great. Cloth & Paper offers clean, minimalist designs along with subscription boxes for elevated accessorizing.






Art | @tactilematter
Stunning forms and colors flow into captivating works of art by LA artist Kenesha Sneed.


Design | @harlemtoilegirl
Sheila Bridges shares an array of patterns, interior design and architecture, each one more eye-catching than the next.


Eat | @chefkaichase
This incredibly talented chef brings together a melting pot of traditions and flavors to create one of the most mouth-watering feeds (no pun intended) that we've ever scrolled through.






Shop | Expedition Subsahara
Handmade, authentic Senegalese pieces whose sales go toward building a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) school for young girls in West Africa.


Join | National Black Child Development Institute
The NBCDI works toward building a strong foundation for youth and their families to provide education, childhood care and engagement through foundations, organizations and schools throughout communities.

Donate | National Civil Rights Museum 
Located in Memphis at the site of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, the NCRM is a significant voice for history and the preservation of important legacies. They rely on admissions and donations to ensure they continue their education and further initiatives.



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