Saturday Six 162

Saturday Six 162


WATCH | Dark Side of the Ring


We wouldn’t have considered ourselves wrestling fans, but after one episode of this show, we were hooked. Darkside of the Ring sits down with people throughout the wrestling world as they retell stories from behind the scenes. Betrayals, love triangles, real fist fights that definitely weren't part of the match…it’s all there, and with the third season out now there's plenty to binge.




VISIT | Beyond Van Gogh


There's a visit to a museum, and then there’s this. Beyond Van Gogh allows you to step inside the paintings themselves and be fully immersed, using projectors and sound for an experience that will give you a renewed appreciation for the artist. A mix of his thoughts, creations and words, it just opened in Austin yesterday and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.




EAT | Pipsnacks


Created almost by accident during a move nine years ago, Pipsnacks is a woman-owned, family-owned, minority-owned company that launched in Brooklyn and has expanded ever since. Made from heirloom seeds, their snacks are better for the farmer, better for the environment and better for you. Plus (very importantly) they taste better than you could imagine popcorn or corn-based snacks tasting. Easily found at retailers like Whole Foods, you can see for yourself how good they are and use their blog for ideas on the best combos and recipes for Pipcorn summer snacks.




READ | Like Crazy by Dan Mathews


Dan Mathews' talented writing style shines through in this story of his mother's struggle with mental illness and her move into his home. Stories of holiday parties and his dating life with a parent at home, he weaves these in with her admissions of hearing voices and anger with his attempts at finding her help. His portrayal of their relationship and friendship is well-written with humor, compassion and solemnity all woven together for a book that we couldn't put down.



photo by blackbrewculture


DRINK | Sankofa Beer Company


Inspired by West-African brewing traditions, this DC company strives to create a product and a community where connections can be made, whether it's at a bar, over dinner or in the backyard with friends. They offer refreshing and inventive options like Hibiscus Pale Ale, Harmattan Wheat Ale, and a Chocolate Milk Stout, so if you're in the DC area pick some up before your next get-together - cheers!




RELAX | Centennial Park - Nashville


Located just outside downtown Nashville, this sprawling 132-acre park is a must when you're visiting the Tennessee city and looking to get outside and away from concrete. With walking trails, ponds, shaded picnic areas, volleyball, a dog park, and the iconic Parthenon building (just to name a few features), it's a great way to relax for a stroll or sit back with a book. Whenever we visit a city we need to find that escape to greenery and a spot to unwind - Centennial Park was that and then some, with plenty of room to explore.

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