Saturday Six 163

Saturday Six 163


MIX | C&D Tools


This isn't the only weekend of the year that we look forward to mixing up a great drink for friends in the backyard (really, any excuse to spend time with friends these days is welcome), but we love finding quality pieces for our home bar that make it even easier to host. These American-made steel shakers from C&D Tools are the only ones you'll ever want, and since they're incredibly durable and tested by Kris and Rebecca, they're also the only ones you'll ever need. For the holiday weekend they're also running a sale when you use the code FREEDOM20, so now you have a chance to save on a piece that will outlive everything else on your bar.




LISTEN | Thicker Than Water by

A great album to put on poolside, in the backyard, in the car....really wherever, Brooklyn-based just released Thicker Than Water and we're hooked. A low-key R&B record, tracks like Greed offer rich sound and catchy beats that make this a great summer listen. If you're the type to dive into the lyrics and the story behind an album, this offers a message about chosen family and how fortunate he feels to have found the people in his life, making it an uplifting listen from beginning to end.




EXPLORE | Bike Citizens


Looking to get outside and get active for the long weekend? For the bicyclists out there, Bike Citizensoffers a great way to explore your city and find the routes that are the most relaxing or the fastest or the most convenient depending on where you're heading. It also offers peace of mind by letting you know what areas are less safe for cycling (cobblestone streets) or have higher traffic. You can also let it know what kind of bike you're riding to make the trip more personalized, and it can guide you to must-see spots in your area. Think of it as your bicycling assistant on-the-go.




WEAR | Pact


It's easy to assume that when clothes are made sustainably, are certified GOTS and work with local communities while protecting the environment, you're trading comfort for ethical manufacturing. With Pact you can get it all - conscious production standards with unbeatable comfort and a great price point. From the clothes you wear through the day to the sheets you sleep on at night, they have a large selection of clothing and bedding for the whole family so you can support a good cause together and look great while you do.




FOLLOW | @s.u.s.a.p


We follow lots of interior design blogs and instagrams, usually curated by stylists or designers-by-day. This was a great surprise find on our feed, and while the weather gets warmer and we look to spend more time outside, she offers great ideas to make the space feel more like home. An associate professor by vocation, @s.u.s.a.p will fill your IG with stunning bohemian exterior (and interior) spaces that make us want to start decorating just to catch up. Give her a follow and see for yourself.




GIVE | Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront helps provide stability, assistance, and support for military families through multiple programs and initiatives. From meals to housing to school supplies for children of veterans, that's just the beginning of what they work to provide, ensuring that military families can easily be part of the communities they work so hard to protect. Whether you're donating, volunteering or organizing events, you're making a huge difference for thousands of service members throughout the U.S.

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