Saturday Six 164

Saturday Six 164


SHOP | Kahiniwalla & Pebble


After living in Bangladesh for years, Austin and Marita Miller were introduced to Pebble at a craft fair where they learned about their business model and goal to provide jobs to thousands of women. When the Millers' returned to the United States, they created Kahiniwalla and began bringing Pebble products to us and our children. All of the toys are handmade using natural, high-quality materials so each item is unique. Supporting Kahiniwalla and Pebble means you’re also supporting over 12,000 women in Bangladesh and helping them to be paid a livable wage. Plus the centers offer nurseries and preschools as well as equity for the workers, making each purchase a one-of-a-kind toy for your family and valuable support for it's creator.




EAT | Lyra


To celebrate a trip to Nashville, we once stopped by Lyra for elevated Middle Eastern cuisine. Ever since that visit we've found ourselves itching to go back and pining over the photos they post. As amazing as the pictures look, they don’t do the flavors justice and aren’t able to show how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is about everything on the menu. Made to share, it’s a great excuse to order a bit of everything off the menu, but be sure to leave room for dessert. The Shaabiyat (cream filled filo, berries and pistachio) was a great end to an amazing meal.






This five minute documentary short is a work of art. Although filmed back in 2016, it’s messaging and impact ring true today. Nzingha Prescod is a fencing champion and two-time Olympian (just to name a few achievements), and she is portrayed in this stunning film as she speaks about her love of the sport and her visibility as a young woman of color. When you’re done scrolling through this email, we strongly urge you to take a quick five minutes and watch this captivating portrait of an athlete.




FOLLOW | @house.of.esperanza


Monica Chavez doesn’t just show you her amazing design projects and DIY creations, she walks you through how to create them yourself. From the right tools to use (and why they work so well) to the best materials and how easy, fast or kid-friendly the projects are, she makes what often seem like unattainable Instagram interiors much more attainable. Even if you just give her a follow to see what she’s created and you're not looking to build for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.




READ | NYT Book Club Pick: Interior Chinatown


It may seem strange that we're suggesting an article about a book rather than just the book itself, especially considering Interior Chinatown was a recent read we couldn’t put down. Written in the form of a screenplay and speaking to the experiences of being an Asian-American secluded to the background in multiple aspects of life, Charles Yu's brilliant writing and stunning descriptions made us read passages and paragraphs over and over again. We're suggesting the NY Times article for anyone who may be put off by the unique screenplay format this takes, because we're sure it will lead you to pick up a copy soon after. 




DOWNLOAD | Fabulous


Born at Duke University, Fabulous is an app that helps you build healthy habits and routines to improve your mental health and streamline your everyday. Fun layouts that make setting goals more enjoyable, easy navigation, and large collections of practices and exercises, it helps you avoid burnout and fuels motivation to help you reach your personal goals. Give the free trial a spin and see what healthy habits can do for your day.

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