Saturday Six 165

Saturday Six 165




To be honest, we had never heard of New Zealand style ice cream (a combination of fresh fruit and ice cream or soft serve), so we weren't sure what to expect when we stopped by Zeds. Friendly staff, great flavors, delicious toppings, and even a dairy-free option - after tasting it, we definitely see what all the fuss is about. With locations in Portland and Austin, stop by to cool off, grab dessert, or satisfy that sweet tooth.




WATCH | Dark Side of the 90s


A couple of weeks back we talked about the show Dark Side of the Ring, and now Vice TV has released a brand new series that explores the Dark Side of the 90s. The music that we remember, the shows that we waited to watch every week, the explosion of internet use within just about every home around the country - it shows us a side we didn't know existed. One episode has been released so far about daytime talk shows and we can't wait to see what's coming next.



image by hemingway wine shop

DRINK | Lini 910 Lambrusco Rosso


We recently fell in love with sparkling red wines, and this one is a favorite by far. A richer, darker sparkling red than others we've tried, Lini is known for their classic dry wines, and this one is a complex combination of flavors that can be appreciated from the serious wine lover to the casual taster. We picked up a bottle at our local Central Market, but they can be ordered online to enjoy wherever you are. Even for those of you who may not be fans of red wine and lean more toward a rosé, we suggest trying this out - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.



image by static stills

LISTEN | Walker Lukens


Playing shows around Austin, opening for Spoon (and producing songs with Jim Eno), being described on NPR as "wonderfully inventive" - you probably have already heard Walker Lukens'music. If you haven't, head over to Spotify and give him a listen. His newly released album, Sound Bath, from April of this year to the album Adult from 2019, back to his single "Every Night" from 2015, you'll quickly be able to recognize his wide ranging talent. Music to relax to, to dance to, to sing along with (make sure you give his collection of covers a listen too), he's the perfect artist to put on wherever you're heading.




FOLLOW | @dwellaware


Ok, so I think we might be on a bit of a DIY kick lately, but the second we discovered Amanda Walker's Instagram and blog, we knew we had to give it a follow. Simple and achievable steps, bold pops of color, textures, and a bit of greenery thrown in, she shares how to create the attractive spaces she lives in instead of just showing them off. Just check out her sunroom makeover and, after you fall in the love with the tile details, you'll be following her in no time.




READ | Seek You by Kristen Radtke


A unique examination of the feeling of loneliness, artist Kristen Radtke explores the feeling in her graphic novel, Seek You. Touching on her own personal experiences, she also looks at the science behind the feeling, what the word means in society, and what it can feel like for different people. You'll learn something about yourself and the people around you as we navigate the world together, and sometimes painfully apart. Insightful and enlightening, it touches on something we all have felt from time to time and makes us feel a little bit less, well, lonely.

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