Saturday Six 166

Saturday Six 166


SEE | Roadrunner


We finally broke our streak of watching movies at home and ventured to the theater to see this recent release about the life of Anthony Bourdain. Whether you followed his career or not, this movie highlights his talent, his passion, his connections with those around him, and his self-doubt that went unnoticed to those of us watching him through the screen. Although inevitably heartbreaking at moments, it's also compelling, chaotic, humorous, enlightening and genuine. With some fans upset about the reconstruction of his voice using AI, we would suggest seeing it and deciding for yourself. It's hard not to still be pulled in by his story, and even harder not to feel the range of emotions as you hear his friends talk about the man they knew, whether you're a devoted fan or not. 




READ | A Woman's Intimate Record of Wyoming in the Early Twentieth Century


The photography of Lora Webb Nichols has long fascinated us - striking portrayals of life in Wyoming during the early 1900s. Simple everyday occurrences turned into powerful portraits, Nichols had an eye for angles and shadows that is enviable over 100 years later. This article from The New Yorker highlights some of her best-known pieces along with her life behind the camera. If you've never looked through her photography, scroll through this article and you'll soon find yourself going beyond it to find more of her work.




LISTEN | Nostalgia by Berhana


The first word that comes to mind when talking about the music created by Atlanta-born Berhana is "eclectic." While his albums flow seamlessly from one track to the next, they simultaneously span genres and experiment with sounds and rhythms pulled from his own personal experiences. The recent release of his track "Nostalgia" is no different, setting him so clearly apart from the label of R&B or Hip Hop that people try to place on his music. Give this one a listen and then we suggest putting on his album, HAN, for a more immersive introduction to his talent.



image from mr magazine

SHOP | United By Blue


There are companies that strive for ethical production and the use of sustainable materials, and then there's United by Blue. Not only do they have a wide selection consciously-created goods for men, women, the home and beyond, everything is made to last, resulting in less waste and lower impact from start to finish. They don't stop there though. For every product that you buy from them, they remove a pound of trash from oceans and waterways, something they've been doing since the sale of their first shirt. Now at over 3 million pounds removed and counting, why not work together toward a better planet while we shop?




EAT | Vegan Nom's Rockin Vegan Taco Trailer


We swung by this trailer recently when we were on Cesar Chavez in East Austin, and after hearing such great things about their tacos, we're here to report that it lives up to it's hype. In a city of tacos, they offer tasty alternatives for anyone looking to forego meat or just try out a healthier option. With menu options like Korean BBQ Chicken, Pineapple Marinated Al Pastor, and a Double Decker Crunch Beef Taco, it's hard to believe at first glance that everything on the menu is vegan. All we know is that at first (to last) bite, it was delicious and we're looking forward to going back.




SHOP | Geologie Custom Trials


A routine can make self-care easy, but so can a good product that is tailored to you and your specific skin. That's where Geologie comes in, with simple ingredients and personalized regimens based on what you're looking for, because nobody knows your skin better than you. We appreciate tailored suggestions here at HELM, so we love their option to work with their dermatologists to find the best product for you, from cleansers to moisturizers to sunscreens. Start by telling them a bit about yourself and let them do the rest.

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