Saturday Six 167

Saturday Six 167

photo by eater austin

DRINK | Little Brother


With so many new additions to South Congress, it can sometimes be a blur of new places to eat, shop or grab drink. One of the spots that helps us handle the busy flow of traffic on and off the sidewalk is Little Brother, serving up coffee and a rotating menu of kolaches. The drinks are refreshing, the staff is always friendly, and with the convenient walk-up window they make it easy to grab-and-go, whether you're sightseeing or just passing through.




LISTEN | The Indicator


Our podcast list is long, and there isn't enough time in a day to listen to them all. That's why we love these bite-sized episodes. Usually less than 10 minutes long, they give us our daily dose of news on business and economics, choosing stories that may not be headlines, but make the subject especially interesting nonetheless. From the tequila demand to how viral TikTok videos can help with hospital bills, this is sure to make anyone a finance-fan in no time.




WEAR | Western Rise Evolution Short


We recently tested these shorts out to see exactly how versatile they are, and we weren't disappointed. Swimming, running errands, relaxing around the house - they were lightweight and comfortable without looking like we were heading to the store in our swim trunks. Softer than the activewear you might be picturing, they feel closer to cotton than nylon which makes them adapt easily from one activity to another, something we fully appreciate here at HELM.




READ | Henry Helps Books


A great series of books to help young readers learn about chipping in or even how exciting becoming an older sibling can be, the Henry Helps books are a great illustrated addition to the reading line-up. Lending a hand with cleaning, dinner, laundry or the new baby, Henry brings fun to chores and shows children simple, enjoyable ways to be part of daily family tasks. There's even a gardening book, perfect for getting out and enjoying the end of summer together.




RIDE | State Bicycle Co.


Bike hunting can already be tedious, and with so many shops being low-in-stock, it's even harder these days to find exactly what you want and need without settling or if you're on a budget. A friend turned us onto State Bicycle Co. (they love the model they ordered 3 years ago), and the idea of tailoring certain aspects of the bike to fit us specifically was appealing. Gears, single-speed, gravel....they have a wide range of options that you then accessorize and personalize, with all of our questions being answered quickly through the online chat, making our purchase stress-free. They come as a kit that needs assembly (which is quick and easy), plus we got ours a week after ordering so we were on the road in no time.




WATCH | The Donut King


We didn't think we would feel this much emotion when watching a documentary about donuts, but this story of Ted Ngoy, The Donut King, delivered a lot more than we were expecting. Immigrating from Cambodia in the 70's during their civil war, it tells the story of how he went from "rags-to-riches" and created an empire that we still see today. Helping over 100 other Cambodian families, he built a network that provided support, jobs and hope to so many who had nowhere else to go, but his success didn't come without a very personal price. We wouldn't want to give anything away so we would suggest watching and seeing for yourself.

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