Saturday Six 168

Saturday Six 168


ENJOY | Clumpies


With multiple locations in Chattanooga including an ice cream truck, Clumpies was created by the son of a third-generation candy maker, and you can tell by the way they can satisfy a sweet tooth. Quality ingredients and some of the sweetest (no pun intended) staff you’ll ever meet, they have a rotating list of flavors to accompany their year-round tried-and-true favorites. Right now you can find fresh mint raspberry, malted peanut, and blueberry muffin, just to name a few. Plus it's 2021, so you don't have to be in TN to try them out - they'll ship their pints straight to you.


photo by Shervin Lainez for Billboard


LISTEN | Tall Heights: Hear It Again


Made up of two best friends out of Boston, Tall Heights just released a new single that’s a perfect track if you're looking for something uplifting and just downright catchy as the summer comes to a close. With their folk roots showing through, the song builds to a rhythmic swell that we loved from the very first listen. Put it on and you’ll be able to see exactly what we mean.




BIKE OVER | Clown Dog Bikes


We recently needed a quick fix and to update some of our gear, so we stopped by Clown Dog after a friend suggested them. After our experience we know that this officially our go-to shop for anything bike related. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that not only let us know everything they’re doing but why, they started working on our bike immediately and we were out the door in no time. One of the oldest shops in Austin, they know what they’re doing and it shows in their expertise and care for their craft.




SHOP | Bindle & Keep


Anyone who has had a suit tailor-made for them knows that a personalized fit makes all the difference.  Bindle & Keep has been giving people that feeling who may, up until this point, have thought they would never find it or maybe didn’t even know that feeling existed. Rather than telling people how it "should" fit or what they "should" be looking for, they let the customer guide them, making sure everyone who walks into their space, walks out feeling cared for, heard, and comfortable in their new clothes.




READ | Is There A Right Way To Act Blind?


In this article from the New York Times, Andrew Leland talks about activist reactions to the TV show In the Dark, and how his own experience of losing his sight throughout his life has shaped his feeling on sighted actors being cast in roles where they portray blind people. His descriptions of how he himself navigates through the world and can be treated as an imposter  in his own ways when he doesn’t act “blind enough“ brings a voice to something many of us will never truly understand or experience. You can read his article on the New York Times site or listen to the audio version here.



photo by Nicola Parisi


DRINK | Mommenpop


After one hot summer spent cooling off with apertifs, Samantha Sheehan created Mommenpop, offering dye-free and less sugary alternatives for a healthier and more enjoyable option. Using California grapes, citruses and spices, they taste more pure and natural, quickly becoming our new favorite to enjoy over ice, in our favorite cocktails or as a spritz on a hot day. You can shop their options here and browse their recipes for ideas, but you really can't go wrong with this one no matter how you pour it into the glass.





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