Saturday Six 169

Saturday Six 169


CAFFEINATE | Mylo Coffee


Located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock, AR, we found Mylo Coffee during a search for a quick breakfast. Roasting their own coffee and making their own pastries in house, we had a feeling everything would be delicious and had a hard time narrowing down what we wanted to try first. We settled on a Lavender White Mocha, espresso and their batch brew to accompany their Monte Cristo sandwich (smoked bacon, gruyere cheese, raspberry compote and a fried egg on their house-made bread). With that one meal they became our favorite morning spot in the city and we can't wait until the next time we're passing through.




WATCH | Battle at Versailles


Before 1973, the fashion world was ruled by French designers. When the Palace of Versailles was in need of renovations, a fashion show was presented as an idea to raise the funds, and French and American designers went head-to-head for a chance at being known as the best in design. What followed was a dazzling demonstration with a few snags (no pun intended), over the top performances, and some of the best known names in fashion. This documentary follows it all, so if you didn't know how American designers originally stepped into the spotlight, this is a must-watch.



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READ | Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World


We often think that if we didn't start early at a skill and practice often, we'll never excel at it. This book from David Epstein explores the idea that some of the world's most successful athletes, musicians, scientists, and more, found their passions late and excelled after multiple errors and stumbles. A great book to read as any adult or from the viewpoint as a parent watching their children move through multiple hobbies before settling on just one, it's an informative read that's useful for any age.




EAT | The Liquor Store


Anytime we've been to Memphis we were told we needed to stop here for for breakfast or lunch, but we kept missing our chance. Finally we passed through early one afternoon and there were two counter seats open and waiting. An old liquor store turned classic diner, we watched the full prep and process in the kitchen before digging into a perfect breakfast with one of the biggest homemade biscuits we've ever seen. Great cocktails, delicious food (start with the beignets) and a tropical decor that made us feel a bit brighter on the cloudy afternoon we stopped by, it was a great way to get our day started and keep it going. 




FOLLOW | Emily Robertson


Drawing her inspiration from the countryside around her, Emily Robertson creates intricate linocut prints that we fell in love with instantly when we discovered her on Instagram. Perfect as a detailed accent for any room or as a fun addition to any nursery, her artwork can be ordered online for any nature lover in your life. Want to admire her work regularly? Head over to her instagram and give her a follow.



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