Saturday Six 170

Saturday Six 170


DRINK | The Wallflower Collective


After being furloughed from their jobs in 2020, two Austinites headed up to Vermont and took a chance by opening a bar during a pandemic in Burlington. That chance paid off with Wallflower Collective, a lounge that brings a bit of our Texas city to the Northeast. Complete with a Willie Nelson picture on the wall, the space is beautifully designed and sports live music with delicious cocktails. Plenty of seating is available along with being located right next to a wood-fired pizza restaurant, so you can take in some music, enjoy a great pie and catch up with friends.



photo by max sall


LISTEN | Junior Day League: Hovvdy


Indie Pop duo Hovvdy started in Austin and recently released a new single called Junior Day League. By now you can probably tell we love a good song to throw on in the car, on our way to work, to run errands, or just drive around with the windows down - this one checks all of the boxes when it comes to good travel music. Upbeat and incredibly catchy, if you’re like us and you put this one on during your next drive, you’re sure to be exploring their other albums in no time.




EAT | San Morello


Seasonal ingredients sourced locally; housemade pastas and authentic dishes - San Morello's food is as delicious as it is stunning. Located in Detroit, the menu was created by James Beard Award winner, Andrew Carmellini, and his culinary talent shines through . Whether you're going for the the puttanesca, the pizza or the pistachio cake, you can't go wrong with anything you choose, so be sure to show up hungry.




SHOP | Revant


We’ve all been there. Our favorites pair of sunglasses gets a scratch across the lense and there’s no seeing past it (no pun intended). That's where Revant comes in, bringing you the replacement lenses you need to revive them.  Tested multiple times to ensure the perfect fit and with a one year warranty to back up their work, they stand behind their craft because they know they’ll do it right. So next time life happens and your lenses are damaged, it doesn’t have to mean it’s time to toss them or shell out money for a brand new pair anymore.




VISIT | Montague Bookmill


Housed inside of an old 1830s mill, this bookstore was an exciting find based on a suggestion from a friend. Part of a beautiful historic building just outside Northampton, MA, it holds the bookmill, a café, a restaurant, a collection of vinyl and CDs, and displays of art. With so much to look through and the overall welcoming and cozy feeling of the building itself, we could have spent hours in this spot. For now, we had to settle for an hour and looking forward to all the times we visit again in the future.




FOLLOW | Chloé Jane Gray


This one happened to be a suggestion from a Saturday Six reader and we’re so happy they reached out. Austin-based artist, Chloé Jane Gray, creates stunning watercolor pieces that embrace nature themes along with commissions for pet portraits. As a pet-lover herself, she captures our furry friends beautifully, just like the deserve to be. Give her a follow on Instagram to see more of her work and maybe you’ll even be hanging up a painting of hers to add some art to your living space.




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