Saturday Six 171

Saturday Six 171


EAT | The Greek of Peaks


On a recent trip to Portland, ME, we took the ferry over to Peaks Island and stumbled upon this little food truck up beyond the bustle of the waterfront. Serving up Greek food that sources a lot of their ingredients locally and sustainably, Greek of Peaks was a refreshing and delicious surprise. We definitely suggest adding the spicy feta as an upgrade for an added improvement to an already amazing order.




LISTEN | Tender Love: Yoke Lore x Jax Anderson


We love the band Yoke Lore, so when they showed up in our Spotify with a recent new release, we already knew we were going to like it. With the added bonus of a song collaboration with Jax Anderson, Tender Love takes YL’s already expected catchy song writing and combines it with her smooth vocals for a perfect match. Put it on, turn it up, and if you’ve never listened to any of their other songs, this is the perfect introduction before diving into more.




WATCH | Selah: Water From Stone


Over 50 years ago, David Bamberger purchased 5,500 acres of land in Texas with the goal to turn what he described as "the worst kept piece of land in Blanco County" back into it's original habitat. Over time it's become an area rich with wildlife, natural springs and vegetation. How did he achieve this? Grass. If you don't believe us, watch this short documentary that explores the origin of Selah Ranch and how it grew to be such a plentiful and thriving stretch of land today.




DRINK | Carrier Roasting Co.


Tucked away in Northfield, VT and with a second location in the North End of Burlington, Carrier Roasting offers up quality coffee to get you through the day, and excellent customer service that keeps you coming back. With an emphasis on sourcing what they can locally from the dairy farmers in their area or the bakers down the street, they think relationships and transparency about where their goods come from is of the highest importance. Their care for their craft shows through in each cup, so if you find yourself in Vermont, we suggest this as a stop no matter how far off your trail it is.




FOLLOW | Southern Soufflé


As a local fixture in Atlanta, GA through her company Bomb Biscuit Co., Erika Council knows food and how to tell the stories surrounding it. Using her blog, Southern Soufflé, she takes her talent for writing and combines it with her talent in creating amazing dishes and mouthwatering photography to accompany it. Her poetic blog entries are well worth the visit on their own, but if you're more of a foodie, trust us that these recipes are guaranteed to be a success.




WEAR | Pipette Mineral Sunscreen


If a product's chemicals aren't good for the planet or the ocean, we're a bit more hesitant to think its gentle on our skin and bodies. That's why it was a relief to find Pipette sunscreen, which takes out the nano zinc oxide and adds natural extracts to soothe skin, making it even better for the entire family from the youngest to the oldest. Their site gives detailed breakdowns of what goes into their products, reviews and statistics from customers who have used it, and even articles about their most FAQ (including everything we need to know about sunscreen.) Bringing the family out for a day in the sun can be enough to think about. We love products like this that let us think a little bit less about it when we do.




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