Saturday Six 172

Saturday Six 172


SUPPORT | National Fallen Firefighters Foundation


Created in the 90's by Congress, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation works to ensure that heroes are honored while their surviving family members are able to find support as they try to rebuild their lives. Emotional assistance, scholarship programs, job training, and initiatives to reduce death and injury on the job - these are just a few of the ways that NFFF provides support. Help from you ensures that they can continue to provide this valuable network and strive toward a better environment for firefighters, allowing them to return home safely while they work to keep us just as safe every day.




FOLLOW | J.N. Silva


New York City is not short on places or moments to photograph, but J.N. Silva has a way of capturing the people and places we may otherwise have passed by without noticing. Active and brightly colored scenes mix with black and white images and shadows - it’s all there and just as diverse as the environment that is his subject. His Instagram feed is a full display and gives us a stunning view from every angle of the city that never sleeps. 




RUN | 9/11 Heroes Run


The Travis Manion Foundation was started to shine a light on the role models among us - veterans and the families of the fallen are given support, tools for development and can provide mentorship for their communities through TMF. Every year around 9/11 and across the country they work to coordinate hero runs so that members of every city and of all ages can walk or run to honor veterans, fallen heroes and first responders. Check here for a Heroes Run near you or register as a virtual runner from wherever you live and want to show your support.




WATCH | Documentaries: 20 Year Anniversary of 9/11


Twenty years have passed since the events of 9/11, and all of these years later we still look back at how those heartbreaking hours changed our country forever. We each commemorate that day in our own ways, and with such a shattering and tragic moment documented through so many different lenses, what may be hard for someone to watch may be what someone else needs to cope. These 17 documentaries offer a range of viewpoints - from politicians to first responders to the surviving family members and more. Found on multiple streaming platforms and channels, they not only capture the moments we all watched on TV that day, but the two decades that followed.




LISTEN | Look Ahead by Alma Meris


It’s hard to find much information on Alma Meris we've learned, but one thing that is clear is their ability to create beautiful instrumental music that can bring calm to any moment. Their newest release, Look Ahead, is no different. For a peaceful moment or perfect background music while you work or go through your day, even if you typically don’t gravitate towards instrumental music, we suggest taking just one quiet moment to explore this one.




JOIN | NYT Live Panel: Sept 30th


There is no denying that twenty years ago today our lives changed on multiple levels, but what about the generation that came after? The New York Times is holding a panel on September 30th that explores the question “How did 9/11 shape the generation that grew up in it's aftermath?“ Teachers and students can submit 30-second videos that reflect their personal thoughts or ask questions for the panelists to answer, and you can register to watch individually or as a group when it goes live on the 30th.




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