Saturday Six 173

Saturday Six 173


EAT | Worthy Burger


We never thought a burger cooked over a hardwood fire would taste so notably different from any other amazing burger we’ve had. Add in fresh, local ingredients and a side of Wagyu tallow hand-cut fries though, and trust us, there’s no going back after this. Worthy Burger in South Royalton, Vermont is a game changer. Whether you’re getting the beef, fish or chicken, it’s hard to compete with what they dish up.




READ | My Autobiography of Carson McCullers by Jenn Shapland


What can someone else’s biography teach us about ourselves? Apparently quite a lot, which Jenn Shapland teaches us in her book, My Autobiography of Carson McCullers. After discovering the iconic author's letters while working at a library, Shapland throws herself into learning more about the life of McCullers from a viewpoint that was often buried by historians. Although not an exclusive story about the writer of  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, it tells the story of two different women connected through time, and gives Carson McCullers a chance to be seen in a way she wasn’t able to be when she was alive.




DRINK | Black Sheep Coffee


Located in Harrisonburg, VA, Black Sheep Coffee is the perfect spot to meet up with a friend, get some work done, or just become a regular. With a rotating menu of quality coffee and tea, they also make all of their baked goods and food in-house, offer up plenty of room to enjoy it all. An open floor plan, spacious interior and welcoming design, the baristas are just as kind of welcoming and will keep you coming back.



photo taken from kutx


LISTEN | Wimberley by Jesse Woods


Fellow Texan, Jesse Woods, was a recent accidental music discovery and we’re thrilled we stumbled upon him. His newest album, Wimberley, displays his well-balanced mix of folk with a touch of country that pays homage to his southern roots. Gentle and sometimes dream-like, his music is beautifully crafted, and we suggest throwing this on the next time you hop into your Spotify.




WATCH | Untold: Crimes & Penalties


A crime family. A hockey team. The FBI. It sounds like a fictional drama but it’s actually a documentary on Netflix, Untold: Crimes & Penalties. This episode of the series explores the Galante family whose patriarch bought a hockey team for his 17-year-old son, and although you can assume chaos ensues, the level of disorder is beyond imagining. The true story of a Connecticut family and what happens when they go unchecked is worth the watch and definitely worth the share here.




SUPPORT | Redhawk Native American Arts Council


The Redhawk Native American Arts Council is host to festivals, art shows, workshops and more, that highlight the rich culture of Native Americans across multiple continents. Located in the tri-state area, they host four of the largest celebrations found in the Northeast that feature over 1000 artists, creators and educators. Offering online education, scholarships and a valuable window into tradition, your contribution to their goal is beneficial for all of us and commits to keeping an important history alive and accessible to so many.




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