Saturday Six 174

Saturday Six 174


DRINK | The Whiskey Room


Set away from the bustle of Church Street in Burlington is one of our favorite spots to drop in, chat with the knowledgeable bartenders, and sip on a well-crafted cocktail. Its drink menu sports anything from quality whiskey on the rocks to cocktails with ingredients like maple syrup (it is Vermont), local coffee, blackberry bourbon or basil and lemon (for the gin lovers). We started going for the whiskey, but now we show up for the friendly staff and the rotating, always amazing menu.




WEAR | Criquet Corduroy


With the first day of Fall behind us, we’ve already started shopping for colder weather. Just in time for Autumn, Criquet released their brand new line of corduroy shirts and we were instantly hooked. Comfortable from the first wear, pearl snap details, four colors to choose from, and a fit that feels tailored to you, we couldn’t have asked for a better match. Plus with the guaranteed quality they offer, we know this one will make it through many falls and winters to come.




EAT | Bananarchy


Sure, you can do frozen bananas at home. But what about one dipped in vegan chocolate, peanut butter and topped off with a gram cracker crumble? Or maybe toffee, cinnamon and chocolate with a peanut butter drizzle? When it comes to that, we would much rather stop by the Bananarchy trailer on South First in Austin and let the professionals serve up the dessert. Once you’ve had one, you’ll see exactly why we leave it up to them.



illustration by laura callaghan


READ | The Gambler Wife


Leading a life that included exile, near-execution, a gambling habit that crippled his finances, and the loss of two of his children, biographies about Dostoevsky are not short on material. This new book by Andrew D Kaufman dives deeper, telling the story of his wife, Anna Dostoyevskaya, who stood by him while also managing to create her own publishing company, a feat nearly unheard of among women in 1800s Russia and one that kept them out of debtors prison. Although often brushed aside by historians, Anna has a story all her own that portrays her strength and ingenuity, making her easy to admire and hard to stop reading about.




CAFFEINATE | White Rhino Coffee


During a recent visit to Fort Worth, we walked over to White Rhino Coffee for our morning pick-me-up. A bright, modern interior greeted us along with three incredibly friendly staff members behind the counter. One drip coffee and a toasted coconut latte later, and we were ready and awake enough to take on the rest of the day. The owner is an Austinite who is described as “destined to build a company that created spaces where people could connect and be inherently social,” and considering how much time we ended up spending there catching up and kicking back, we think it’s safe to say he succeeded.




FOLLOW | Farhan Hussain


The second we saw one of Farhan Hussain's photos, we were hooked and couldn't stop scrolling through the last few years of his work. Stunning images captured through streets and alleyways, grassy landscapes, behind closed doors - he's able to tell a story easily with one still photo. Showing human connection, loneliness, passion, joy...each is beautifully represented throughout his gallery. Give him a follow and you'll see exactly what we mean every time he posts.



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