Saturday Six 175

Saturday Six 175




Something as simple as a horse or a bird can be intricate and captivating when made by the artist under the name DALeast. Detailed lines that weave together to create beautiful images can be seen all over the world and in murals he creates that span entire buildings. Whether you're following him on Instagram or looking at his works here, it’s hard not to be stunned and ready to see even more.




LISTEN | Wallows "I Don't Want To Talk"


Los Angeles-based band Wallows is kicking off a tour in April 2022, and to tide us over until then they released a new song, I Don't Want To Talk. Probably one of the most upbeat songs about insecurities in life and relationships we've heard, they stick to their ability to create catchy tracks, something they've been doing since 2017 together while rising quickly in the ranks and standing out among other indie bands on Spotify. If you like this one, you should give their album Nothing Happens a listen next.




EAT | Breadfolks


Recently one of our Saturday Six readers reached out to recommend a shop located in Hudson, NY. We took a deep-dive and quickly realized that this bakery needs to be added to our list of places to visit next time we’re in the Northeast. Breadfolks bakes masterful pastries and loaves, and with lines out the door we trust it must be pretty darn good. Just scrolling through photos posted by the shop and customers alike, it kicked off our cravings and got us planning a trip through Hudson.




SUBSCRIBE | Urban Organic Gardener Monthly Mystery Box


Years ago we ordered seeds just based on their name and knowing nothing about them, and ended up with a wheelbarrow of 40-pound squash. Flash forward to now and we obviously haven’t learned our lesson when something like a monthly mystery box from Urban Organic Gardener is the perfect subscription for us. Starting at five bucks a month you can get a surprise packet of seeds along with anything you need to grow it, and as someone who didn’t learn from the squash incident of 2017, this is right up our alley.




DISCOVER | NPR Book of the Day


Just last month NPR released a new podcast called Book of the Day. We know, there are already so many podcasts out there to listen to, but this one is 15 minutes or less and a perfect way to discover new titles for any bookworm. They sit down with  authors, exploring the most popular titles, fan favorites, or even books you may have missed but should definitely discover. We’re excited to add this one to our daily podcast routine.




SUPPORT | The Heritage Society


Texas has a diverse history, and The Heritage Society ensures that it's story continues through generations. Consisting of ten restored and historic buildings in Houston, there's also a museum for visitors to view artifacts and rotating exhibits that span the 1800s into the 1900s. They also offer virtual tours, lectures, and a long list of stories that can be read by anyone who isn't close enough to stop by in person. Worth the visit, they're also worth supporting, with options as easy as using apps like AmazonSmile to make sure that a percentage of your purchases are donated to charities like THS at no cost to you. That's an easy way to support and a valuable contribution to history.



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