Saturday Six 176

Saturday Six 176


WATCH | You Cannot Kill David Arquette


We had forgotten about David Arquette's quick appearance in wrestling in 2000, but this recent documentary follows him as he attempts to make a comeback in an industry that shunned him. At times sad, funny, embarrassing and even uplifting, we didn’t foresee being so pulled in by the story, but before we knew it we had watched the whole thing and were texting friends to see if they have watched it yet. Arquette fan or not, wrestling fan or not, and whether you believe this is a true documentary or a publicity stunt, one thing is for sure - it’s a great watch.



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READ | Quiet by Susan Cain


As some introverts may already know, the label can sometimes be used as a negative and can often feel like you should be striving to be extroverted (or at least pretend to be). This book by Susan Cain dives deeper than just telling introverts it’s ok to be themselves, but explains the rise of our view on extroversion in society. She explains in-depth how being successful doesn’t have to be despite your social tendencies, but how each personality can thrive and be successful because of it. Thoughtful and well-researched, this is a great read for extroverts and introverts alike.




WEAR | Pact Softspun Long Sleeve Tee


Finally the mornings here are starting to feel bit colder and more like fall. That means we can get more into layering and the cooler weather wardrobe, making it the perfect time for this new releasefrom Pact. Already a great environment-conscious, community-friendly company, it’s easy to love what they do, and this super soft, light weight long sleeve makes it even easier. We're not quite ready to break out the heavy jackets, but this simple, well made piece is a great first step toward dressing for the upcoming seasons.




ATTEND | Ramesh & Katherine De Rosset Show


If you’re looking for great music but a more laid back night out in Austin after the rush of ACL, head over to Hotel Vegas this Tuesday. Katherine De Rosset and Ramesh will be playing this free 21+ setand ok, we sat through a few practices while Ramesh prepared for the show so we got a sneak peek. That’s how we can confidently say it’s going to be a show you won’t want to mess. We’ll see you there.






We’re always looking for new motivation for a more active daily routine, but sometimes adding another commute to a gym just isn’t feasible. These POPSUGAR boxing videos have given us the option to get one heck of a workout in at home and in small enough increments to be able to get back to the other things on our to-do list. Another great perk - you don’t need to know anything about boxing before you start or own special equipment. They offer videos for beginners and anyone who might not have gloves or a bag at home, making it even easier to jump in and get started.




FOLLOW | El Ronan


Michigan-based artist El Ronan captured our interest with her intricate carvings depicting plants and animals that evoke folklore and mythology. Her ability to etch so much detail into her work is so mesmerizing that we quickly headed from her Instagram to her site to check out even more of her creations. Be sure to give her a follow and you'll see time lapses of her process as well as anything new that this incredibly talented artist comes up with.



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