Saturday Six 178

Saturday Six 178


WIN | The Most Handsome Giveaway


Why not kick off this Saturday Six edition with a chance to take home some goods? A whole group of our favorite brands came together for The Great Fall Giveaway, giving one of you the chance to win a prize package valued at over $1000. Thermoregulating vest by Ritter, chinos from Bluffworks, soft cotton button-down from Bridge & Burn, award-winning briefcase from Stuart & Lau, and, of course, a handsome pair of boots from us. The contest ends Tuesday, so we're using this as an opportunity to remind you to enter this weekend. Good luck!




WATCH | Life, Animated


After he stopped speaking at three years old, Owen Suskind was diagnosed with autism. This documentary explores his story and his remarkable ability to associate with the world around him through the Disney movies he watched. What at first seemed like just a repeated phrase he overheard, his parents soon learned was in fact a breakthrough and a way for him to communicate his thoughts and feelings. His ability to grow and mature through the messages he found in the animated movies so many of us grew up watching gives a whole new meaning to the stories themselves.




LISTEN | TAO by Shad


Two words often used to describe Canadian rapper Shad are “conscious“ and “reflective." Recordings of his parents speaking are incorporated into his heartfelt compositions for his new album, TAO. It starts off with the track Out of Touch which serves as a perfect introduction to anybody who hasn’t listened to him before. Incredibly well-written and just impossibly catchy, it's easy to get lost in the rhythms of his music but we suggest giving his lyrics a thorough listen.






We are always looking for new ways to get our kids excited about exploring and being outside, and these THiNK OUTSIDE boxes are a great way to achieve that. With a first package that includes a satchel, walkie talkies and a range of activities, each subsequent box includes even more games, activity books and explorer packages to keep them excited, interested, and having fun.




WEAR | Darn Tough Socks


As the temperature drops we finally broke out our winter socks, and some of our favorite pairs are made up in Vermont at Darn Tough. A company that strives to make a smaller footprint (no pun intended), using fewer resources and guaranteeing their products for life, they locally design and manufacture while bringing some of the best socks to customers around the world. They stand behind their product and constantly strive to improve, believing that their best sock still hasn't been made yet. We would argue the pairs we have are some of the very best, but we can't wait to see what they release in the future.




FOLLOW | Garden Cocktails


It's not surprising that a blogger from NYC offers up some delicious cocktail recipes, but Stacie Grissom takes it to a different level by using fresh herbs and ingredients from her balcony garden. Celery Gin & Tonics, Watermelon Basil Margaritas, Hang Thyme with Vodka and lime - each one is well-crafted with easy-to-find ingredients whether you have a garden or not. She posts her recipes on Instagram but you can also follow her blog here for more tips on growing the ingredients you'll use for your new favorite cocktails. 

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