Saturday Six 180

Saturday Six 180




Some may know Robert Finley from his appearance on America’s Got Talent. Others may know him from his work with the Black Keys. Whether you’ve heard him before or not, we suggest giving his new album, Sharecropper's Son, a listen. His soulful vocals bring a modern twist to blues while still nodding to their classic roots. Songs about struggle and hardship that are infused with hope, all with the backdrop of a rhythm you won’t be able to get out of your head - this is an album your musical rotation has been missing.






We have every kind of lightweight jacket in our closet - one that is water repellent, another that is warm, another that came from a company we support for sustainability. One problem is we can't wear them all at the same time, but tentree just came up with the solution. Their Cloud Shell Shirt Jacket is lightweight, snow and water repellent, holds warmth in, and is made from recycled materials. It also just looks great. If you're looking for something a bit heavier, shop their parkas - everything in their lineup is rated highly by customers and we can second their praise.






This past week we made some short notices plans to have friends over for dinner, and between the scramble of work and cleaning and a grocery store run, an instant pot recipe was the only way anyone was going to eat before 9PM. A quick search, some crossed fingers, and no idea how this would turn out, we were more than pleasantly surprised with this recipe which has now made it into our regular list of dinners to prepare. We made ours with some lightly buttered penne, but it would work just as well with rice, and we'll know soon enough when we make it again.






Hailing from the coast of Maine, Aaron Michalovic has lived in Austin for over 10 years and for even longer than that has been creating beautiful pieces of work out of wood. From structures to furniture to art, we were first introduced through his wood collages, which use reclaimed wood and display intricate details that only a true artisan with a passion for this craft could accomplish. Follow him on Instagram or head over to his site to see some of the larger pieces that he has worked on.






Winter is already tough on our skin, but throw in damage done by the sun, aging, sensitive skin...there's a long list. We found this moisturizer from Oars and Alps that cancels out all of those concerns. Hydration, SPF, anti-aging, oil-free, vitamin-enriched and none of that white residue, their moisturizer is perfect for everyday use and is well-worth adding to your morning routine.






As people switch over their seasonal decorations from pumpkins, many of us wish there were something better we could do than just toss them. Central Texas Pig Rescue has the answer, taking your unpainted, un-rotten pumpkins to use as food for their four-legged residents. With multiple drop-offs throughout the city, we're excited that they are being put to good use. Check here to see how to donate - if you’re outside of Austin, check for other livestock rescues who might be looking for your pumpkins too!





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