Saturday Six 181

Saturday Six 181




Since 2003 Renegade Craft has been bringing artists and shoppers together in their cities to not only provide a space for creators to showcase their work, but for everyone in those cities to come together in one place and create a community. The winter dates started up in November and they’ll be heading to Austin next weekend, so check out their calendar to see if there will be a spot displaying your local artists nearby.



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Growing up on Miles Davis' music and later becoming a famous composer and musician himself, Nicholas Payton imagined playing with Davis and his fellow musicians when he was a kid. Flash-forward to his release of Smoke Sessions this year and that dream became he reality. He's teamed up with Ron Carter and George Coleman, two legends who worked on the 1966 album Four and More, to make an incredible collection of their own.






Some find that forming habits can be an easy process, while others find they need a bit more to stay motivated. We've found we’re a bit more the latter, so when we were looking to make healthier habits with friends pre-New Years, we did a lot of browsing and testing apps. When we got to HabitShare we were hooked. Easy to use, easy to share with one person or a group, highly customizable…it’s been keeping us organized and gives us a clear and positive picture to look back at as we make progress.



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This cookbook from Bryant Terry isn't just a collaboration of talented individuals, it’s a collection of art, poetry, and stories behind the dishes themselves. Described by Terry as honoring  “our earliest ancestors, today’s innovators, and tomorrow’s visionaries,” it’s much more than amazing recipes. It’s history being carried forward for the people that paved the way in a form that can be easily shared with family or friends.






Delicious, sustainably sourced, unique combinations, it strange to say "beautiful" about a tea? Adjourn Teahouse out of Maryland offers up hand-blends like Crown Me with raspberry, mint and green tea, or Kinfolk with ginger, sage and black tea, just to name a few. Not only incredibly well made, each tea on her site comes with their list of ingredients and benefits along with brew suggestions for best flavors and what pairs well with it (milks, honeys, etc.) With so much care put into everything she creates down to the jars they come in, this is a great addition for your pantry at home or a perfect gift for the tea-lover in your life.






For over 40 years, CAAM has given us a chance to hear stories within the Asian American community through films and digital media. Connecting us through schools, theaters, schools and community outreach, it continues to be a valuable and highly educational opportunity for everyone involved, from funding for filmmakers to festivals for the public. Head to their site to see some of incredible work that's been done or to donate to their continued path forward.



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