Saturday Six 182

Saturday Six 182




Previously an Australian pole vaulter, Amanda Bisk's life changed in 2011, going from constant preparation for competitions to finding new ways to stay active while caring for her health from a different angle. Her Instagram offers up a fresh look at how to exercise for people exercising with an injury, beginners, or anyone who just doesn’t have the time to make it a regular activity. She helps find the motivation to integrate it into our routine in a way that works for us.






Wondery+ for Kids launched just over a two months ago and has quickly become a go-to spot for parents searching for kid-friendly education and entertainment. Pulling together some of our favorite podcasts into one spot (Wow in the World, Little Stories Everywhere, etc.) as well as featuring bedtime stories and audible readings, it’s made specifically for younger listeners and is perfect for putting on no matter the time of day.






Serving up Neapolitan pizza on Lamar, 40 North has become one of our spots to bring visiting parents and good friends. With an interior that's perfect for an intimate dinner or a laid back meet-up, the staff is consistently welcoming and knowledgeable about their beverage and wine offerings. Start with the labneh and if you’re feeling adventurous, try the spicy pickle pizza, a creative collaboration with La Barbecue. We were hesitant to dive into that one but you'll be beyond surprised with how pickles make this a fast favorite.






Founded, designed and based out of Iowa, Moglea offers up hand-painted and unique pieces that make great additions to your workspace or as perfect gifts. From greeting cards to notebooks to phone cases and prints, they’re now looking to expand their creations to include furniture. Our dining room has already been improved by one of their hand-painted clocks and we can’t wait to see what they'll create next.






Disney+ and National Geographic offer up this series that takes a “deep dive” beneath the ocean surface and explores the depths from a whole new angle. From the Titanic to lost cities to shipwrecks, scientists use sonar technology to map out these underwater mysteries. Their graphics allow us to imagine the water has been drained away, giving us the opportunity to walk through these wrecks and revisit their history right along with explorers and experts themselves. 






We were recently looking for a fun arts and crafts project for the family that was also safe for the not-so-well-behaved pets in our house. We came across these garlands and decided to put some of those overripe limes and lemons we had to good use while also decorating for the holidays. The end result was a charming and new way for us to add some individuality to our tree (well, new for us - actually quite old historically). Play around with different fruits, beads, or colors of twine to make it your own.



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