Saturday Six 184

Saturday Six 184


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Set in a future where "artificial friends" are purchased for children, Klara and the Sun tells the story from the viewpoint of the AI. Throughout the book she learns about loss, love, loneliness and sacrifice, and it was surprisingly touching for a book written through the eyes of someone who isn’t supposed to have deep feelings. Fans of fiction, science fiction, or just a captivating read in general, will find this hard to put down.






With three locations (two in Austin and one in New York City), the West Chelsea Contemporary is currently showing "Concrete to Canvas: A Celebration of Graffiti + Street Art." Featuring names we recognize and some that are brand new to us, the exhibit is open until January 2 and is an impressive collection that shouldn’t be missed.






It isn’t too often, at least for us, that we discover a band from the Isle of Wight, but we’re glad we found this one. Sometimes described as indie, other times called "french disco-esque," no matter what you call them, Wet Leg creates catchy rhythms that are addictive to listen to. They just released four new songs, and with each one we were sure we found our new favorite. Upbeat, beautiful, playful - go ahead and give it a listen and you’ll see what we mean.






When we find a recipe that cuts out added sugar or salt but keeps all the best flavors, we hang onto it. When we find one that's easy to make with only a few ingredients, we make it a fun activity to create with the younger ones in the family. These carob bliss balls are a great treat for the holiday, great snack for any time of year, and easy to experiment with (we added some coconut to ours). Enjoy making them and sampling them.






Famously known as the explorer who discovered the Titanic, this documentary from National Geographic looks beyond his largest claim to fame. Not only taking a look at how he found his passion for exploration and a tragic loss that had a staggering effect on his career, it also explains how and why he found the famous wreck in the first place, a story he had long kept secret throughout his career.






The devastation of the tornado that hit this past week has been on many of our minds. We can't begin to imagine being a child trying to understand the effects alongside the fact it's right before the holiday season. In Kentucky people have come together to make this loss a little bit easier for families by organizing a toy drive. Although today is the last day of the in-person drive, the drop-off points are open 24 hours all over the state so it isn't too late. For anyone outside of Kentucky, mail-in donations will still be an opportunity to bring back a little bit of the holiday to families there.




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