Saturday Six 185

Saturday Six 185




We knew we wanted to spend New Year’s Eve camping and start 2022 off with some R&R, but how do you find the best camping spots? No surprise - there's a site for that. Whether you’re looking for primitive spots to pitch a tent, RV parks, a hidden cabin or even a yurt, Hipcamp has listings all over the U.S. Think of it as the Airbnb of camping, making it easy for us to quickly find the perfect spot for our weekend away. Reviews, photos, full breakdowns, pet-friendly options and more, they make it possible to head out into the wilderness with confidence.






Parents of young adult readers (or just young adult fiction fans themselves) will see exactly why this book published in 2019 already has plans for the screen. Horror complete with multiple twists and turns, it tells the story of a deadly game that people play to get through a dark stretch of the woods and a group of friends that test their luck. We don’t want to give too much away, but we definitely look forward to what kind of onscreen nightmares they’re able to pull from its pages.




pioneers of television archives photo




The very first best actress nominee for the Emmys in 1951. The first woman in front of and behind a camera for a syndicated series. Betty White was a legend, with many of us knowing her from Golden Girls (whether you watched it or not) but somehow a name very few wouldn’t recognize. This documentary on Netflix celebrates her life and work, and with January being its last month on the streaming platform, now more than ever is the best time take a look back at her life.






We love a good cold-weather dish, and one that is thrown together into a cast iron? Even better. The name shakshuka means "mixed up" or "mixture," and that's exactly what it is. Hearty, rich ingredients that are easy to find (usually things we have at home already), and an upgraded option for anyone who loves breakfast for dinner. This is one of our favorite recipes because it incorporates feta and avocado, giving it even more color and subtle flavor from the cheese.






English artist, Frances Borden, has multiple awards and prizes under her belt for her stunning paintings. More recent pieces that she creates are highly detailed portraits that focus solely on the sitter, keeping the backgrounds simple and colorful so you're not distracted from the intricacies of her subjects. Older works are abstract and wonderfully skewed - two of our favorites being "Debenhams" and "Bus Station." Flip through her archives and you're sure to find a favorite or five of your own.






John Prine's first self-titled album celebrated its 50th anniversary at the end of 2021, and a large group of talented artists came together to commemorate him in multiple volumes. With each artist covering songs by the music legend, proceeds from the albums benefit nonprofit organizations chosen by each of the people who paid tribute. Bonnie Raitt, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Emmylou Harris, The Avett Brothers, Justin Townes Earle...and that’s just to name a few. Listen to this well-curated memorial to a truly gifted performer.



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