Saturday Six 186

Saturday Six 186




Set in New Zealand, this film directed by Taika Waititi follows a 13-year-old boy with nobody to care for him up until Aunty Bella, a woman who lives with her curmudgeon of a husband (played by Sam Neill) in their home at the edge of the bush. What you would expect to happen in a movie like this ends there, and it branches off in an unexpected story of finding a connection in a family you didn't choose. Drama laced with comedy, it's a new favorite on our movie list.






Music fans, pop-culture fans, art fans, graphic tee fans - you may already know about Fine Southern Gentlemen, a screen printing shop located in South Austin. We stopped by last weekend as we were passing through and left with a lot more than we planned on picking up. Take a peek at their selection online and you’ll see what we mean. Stop by in person and you can browse their vintage clothing and vinyl collection right alongside their original designs. 






Maybe you started following Ariele back when she was making wooden spoons and cutting boards and posting photos of her dog. Maybe you're just seeing her work here. Either way it’s hard to deny the talent and beauty that goes into everything she creates. A woodworker and artist, she creates stunning furniture, sculptures, and pieces that will spark conversation when people see them in your home. Head over to Instagram and give her a follow.




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The Blackwell sisters are a name you may remember from school when you think of pioneering women, but after reading this book we are fully convinced we only had a tiny piece of the story. Elizabeth, the first woman in America to get her M.D., and her sister Emily, founded the first hospital run by women in this country, an amazing feat considering the time period. It becomes even more amazing when you learn why Elizabeth kicked off her career in the first place and their character outside of the history books, seen through excerpts from their letters and the incredible writing of Janice Nimura that captures their lives. You’ll just have to read this one to find out what we mean.






You could almost walk past this one without noticing - a basement entrance bar off the square in Lockhart. Almost. If you did walk past it, you would be missing out on a great time. Delicious food(chimichurri trout, "chicken" fried mushrooms, blue crab claw with tomatillo sauce) and well-crafted cocktails, it makes the perfect spot to have an intimate dinner, a snack street-level, or just enjoy a drink at the bar. 






In Texas we don’t get many snow days (and when we do they’re definitely not fun), but the Science Mill in Johnson City is the exception. Until 4 PM today, they're bringing out 40 tons of snow for kids and adults to enjoy (think slingshots, ice chimes, sledding etc.) They'll also have ice sculptures to admire and food trucks to keep you well-fed. Head out there with the family and and enjoy a snow day the way it should be enjoyed.



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