Saturday Six 187

Saturday Six 187




Since it’s release in 2016, Insecure has been a show that sits apart. Its honesty and awkwardness and messiness and humor made it feel less like a series and more like watching your friend's lives unfold. Now that its wrapped up its final season, we’re sad to see it go, but it has a well-deserved spot here for anyone who hasn’t given it a watch. Plus, what better way to jump into such an addictive series then when you can binge watch the entire thing?






Her work has ranged over the years, but you can still see the influence of her early pieces in what she creates today. These abstract and ornate images caught our eye when she showed up on our Instagram, and we couldn’t help but take a deeper dive through her portfolios. Give her a follow, or you can see even more of her work here and read about her process and where she finds inspiration.






Sporting a large, dog-friendly patio, Heights Bier Garten offers up an extensive beer, wine and cocktail menu alongside some delicious food and snacks. From roasted cauliflower and cucumber salad to smoked pit beef or bratwurst, their food menu pairs with their 94 beers and ciders they have on tap, or their separate cocktail space. You’re sure to find something to enjoy.



photo by Katie Simbala



A senior staff writer at ELLE, playwright, author, and television writer, R. Eric Thomas is busy (to say the least). His book, Here For It, tells the story of how he got here in his typical hilarious fashion, with some heartfelt moments throughout. From “going viral“ for the wrong reasons, struggling to fit in through college and beyond, we suggest picking up the audiobook read by him to hear the story in his own voice.






Although this one is useful any time of year, finding a good app for snowshoeing and winter-friendly activity is invaluable. Toggling between Trail Mode and Snow Mode depending on your location and weather, onX Backcountry is able to take you off the beaten path and lead you through new adventures on over 650,000 miles of trails. No service out there? It doesn't stop working even without a signal, ensuring your adventures are safe and giving you much-needed peace of mind.






Fans of Queer Eye might recognize this one, and anyone else is sure to see its importance. Started after seeing the value in the connection between her dog, Angel, and her son who was diagnosed with autism, Jamie Wallace-Griner started Safe In Austin so that others could benefit from such a healing relationship. The reach and importance of this program makes it easy to get behind, when animals, children and entire families are able to find comfort and the support they’ve all been looking for. 



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