Saturday Six 188

Saturday Six 188




Newly opened Camp East here in Austin is an outdoor space on East 12th offering up some of our favorite Vietnamese food, a natural wine shop, Cork & Screw, and even an on-site tattoo parlor. Whether you’re looking for coconut coffee, baked goods, an outstanding bánh mì, a glass of red, or yes, even a tattoo, people aren’t kidding when they say the spot has it all.






Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Wax & Wane scents pay homage to the outdoors and the memories that the founder, Hannah Turner, has from growing up in Oregon. Made using vegan and environmentally friendly ingredients, created in small batches, and never tested on animals, there’s a long list of reasons why we love having these at home and even carry them at our own shop. 






Some of our most beloved items in our home are our previously loved, vintage furniture pieces that we've stumbled upon randomly through the years. That’s why a place like @shopgoodhouse is a favorite page to browse and dream about adding to our future collection. 1950s teak dining tables, ottomans from the 60s, a Valenti lamp to shed a little light on all of it...even if you’re not looking to buy, their feed is a work of art that is one of our favorites to scroll through.






Over the years, Marfa has become a destination for people around the country (and the world), with the small town offering up music, food, and art all under the open air and big sky of the Texas desert. El Cosmico recently opened up their new Bushtec tents as a new option for any overnighter, and once you see these, you might be booking your next stay.






Last year, HBO released its Music Box series, with the first documentary covering Woodstock '99. A few months later they began releasing more installments, covering the lives and careers of Alanis Morissette, DMX, Kenny G, Robert Stigwood and, most recently, Juice WRLD. Just renewed for a second season, it’s the perfect time for any music fan to get through the first season before the new episodes arrive.






Founded in California, Good Worth & Co. grew into a lifestyle brand known for its detailed items served up with a bit of humor. We fell in love with their ornate, customized key sets, but you can see their West Coast style in all of their products, from clothing to home goods to accessories. Well-made and a bit punchy, they're worth the browse (no pun intended).



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