Saturday Six 189

Saturday Six 189




We're not sure whether to say they're shoegaze or dream-pop or indie rock or just their very own brand of unique melodies. Whatever you call them, Widowspeak's distinctively beautiful tones weave together with Molly Hamilton's vocals throughout every track, but we've quickly fallen in love with their new single, Everything is Simple. Released ahead of their upcoming album, The Jacket, we're ready to hear the rest, but are entirely happy to put this one on repeat in the meantime.






Seasonal ingredients. House-made cheese. Just downright delicious. Cicoria is a pizza spot in Portland, OR that has become a spot to come together with friends, family, or to grab a meal on-the-go. Chicken Milanese, hearty salads, a selection of pizzas that you'll want to make your way through - we suggest starting by exploring the Clam Pie and moving to the Butternut Squash before enjoying the classics. You really can't go wrong on this menu, so choose, share, and soon you'll be back to try something new.






A "Last Lecture" is  a hypothetical term used to describe the lecture given by a professor about what they feel their impact on the world would be if they were no longer here. For Randy Pausch this term had a completely different meaning -  with a diagnosis of only 6 months to live, he truly had to ask himself what he was leaving behind. Instead of getting on stage and discussing his passing, he talked about his life and how important it is (and was for him) to seize every opportunity in work, love, friendship, and just the day-to-day. It was also a way to immortalize his fatherly advice for his own children who weren't yet old enough to understand and would have to grow up without him. Touching, insightful, and memorable, this is one we've read over and over again.






After some unfortunate circumstances that involved a broken-down car, subzero temps, and no cell service, Rumpl was born. Realizing the importance of utility as much as comfort, the founders brought the performance of a sleeping bag to the idea of our everyday blankets. Made from 100% recycled materials, they're a small team that is passionate about their products, whether you're using them for exploring the outdoors or relaxing at home. They're making sure you're taken care of.






Nirmal Purja set out on a lofty mission - summit the world's 8,000 metre peaks in only seven months....all 14 of them. The fastest this had ever been achieved previously was seven years, but Purja was committed to his goal, and this documentary on Netflix follows his journey. Accompanied by skilled sherpas and pushing every single limit, it's an amazing story that explores courage, determination, and emotional endurance.






Started in 1992, First Book is a resource for students, educators and entire communities to find resources and materials needed to ensure that children flourish in school and beyond. Over 200 millions books have been provided in the years since they started and they're not slowing down. By donating, volunteering or starting a fundraiser, you can be part of the far-reaching and invaluable transformation and education of kids across the US and throughout Canada.



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