Saturday Six 191

Saturday Six 191



LISTEN | Stay Away From Matthew MaGill


A man disliked by an entire community. A secret identity. Actors and stolen cars and a hijacked plane. It sounds like an action movie, but these are all details from the life of Matthew MaGill - or the man people thought was named Matthew. Journalist Eric Mennel searches for the truth behind a man who left little behind but a box of photos and letters, while simultaneously healing his own family through the fractures of someone elses. We've never listened to seven podcast episodes so quickly.




USE | Reclaimed Serving Board


These caught our eye almost immediately. Made using reclaimed wood from vintage cabinets, each board is unique, with variations in color, shape and their perfect imperfections. Great for showing off during your next dinner party, or a thoughtful gift for that friend who loves to host, you'll know the serving board you get is one-of-a-kind and sure to add to any charcuterie arrangement.




WATCH | Nobody

We're fans of the John Wick series, so news of its delayed release had us antsy for another action movie in the meantime. Maybe the people behind that franchise knew that, because Nobody is not only created by them, it bears a resemblance in all the best ways. Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd, RZA - an amazing cast comes together for the story of a man existing in a rut and looked down on by everyone around him, until he's pushed too far. Not quite the Odenkirk you'll remember from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, we're already looking forward to the next chapter in this story of Nobody.




BAKE | 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies


Looking for an easy recipe to make with the kids? Maybe you have people coming over and need to throw together a quick treat but don't have time to run to the store. You probably have all three of these ingredients already, not to mention this is one of the simplest and fastest recipes we've encountered. It's even a breeze to switch out peanut butter for another favorite nut butter, making these a go-to, in-a-pinch recipe that's as tasty as it is easy.



photo by faber



READ | My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life


Fans of Veep and Succession may recognize the name Georgia Pritchett. Whether that name is familiar or not, her newly released memoir takes on the subject of anxiety and the messiness of life in a beautiful and hilarious way. Told by her therapist to write down her thoughts and concerns, this triumph of a book is what came out of that advice. From her imaginary friend who didn't want to hang out with her, the birth of her son, the health of her partner and so much more, it's heartfelt, heartwrenching and gut-busting, all at the same time. Give it a read.




SHOP | reBoot


We set out over 12 years ago to make boots that were built to last, and you'll still find those original designs in the closets of HELM collectors today. Now we're excited to be part of something even bigger - a chance to let those pairs live on and avoid adding to a landfill. Whether you're cleaning out your closet and looking to sell your pair, or you're searching for that limited edition design, our reBootshop is for you. Browse collections of gently loved boots and shoes or give your pair a new home - either way, be part of something greater with us.



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