Saturday Six 192

Saturday Six 192




From their roasted coffee to their housewares, Good Citizen out of Tennessee creates products that bring them closer to their customers and resonate with anyone who looks for sustainability and biodiversity in the companies they support. Their mugs and tumblers are beautifully designed and are a great solution to disposable cups, as well as being stylish enough to make a perfect gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life.






People who get queasy from just looking at heights, this documentary isn't made for you. Following Marc-André Leclerc as he climbed without a partner and often without rope, The Alpinist tried to get close to the Canadian soloist....or as close as he would allow. Obsessed with adventure and dedicated to an extreme degree, it was a captivating watch that had us clenching our teeth at the dizzying heights and dazzling views.



photo by ebru yildiz



Back in January, flyers appeared promoting "Kissing Lessons" with a number you could call to hear a snippet of a song. At the beginning of February, Lucy Dacus released the full length song for the first time, although she wrote it back in 2017. Originally deemed "too fun" for her Home Video album, as a standalone the song is buoyant, melodic and much too brief. Fans of Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy,Phoebe Bridgers, or Claud will be quickly and easily drawn to her.






If you've ever been out to Al Campo Wine Garden in Marfa, you'll recognize aspects of it in Cork & Screw here in Austin. Created by Tatanka Guerrero and friends, both offer up a selection of wine in a laid back location, with an approachable range of bottles to choose from that anyone who isn't looking to dive into serious wine can also appreciate. Cork & Screw here on East 12th is a great spot to relax and catch up with friends, either with a bottle or through their wine tastings. You can also swing by to grab a bottle for the house or to take along to that dinner party you were invited to.






No matter what your diet or food restrictions may be, you're going to find something here. How Sweet Eats has recipes that range from the healthy to the indulgent to the comforting to mocktails and cocktails. With read-along recipes, videos, cookbooks and more, however you learn best when in the kitchen, this one has you covered. We tried out these Slow Roasted Chili Crisp Sweet Potatoes, and they ended up being a side dish that stole the show. The hardest thing about the website is narrowing it down to just one meal to make.






The emotions over the loss of a loved one are impossible to put into words, but Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie comes incredibly close in this heartfelt and moving piece about the loss of her father. Each chapter in this short book is a moment of her grief captured on the page, and can be a validating acknowledgement of feelings after you experience your own loss, or just a beautiful account of what we are left with when the ones we love are gone. Easy to finish in an afternoon, it's one to keep around whenever you're in need of a therapeutic read. 



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