Saturday Six 193

Saturday Six 193



WATCH | The Little Things


A crime thriller set in the 90's, we put The Little Things on as background noise to work to, and ended up becoming fully committed to the storyline. Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and a very creepy Jared Leto are the main characters, and it's well worth the watch even just to hear the dark and witty back-and-forth between Leto and the men investigating him.




EAT | Vic & Al's


The only bad thing about Vic & Al's is how long it took us to try it. Located on Manor Road here in Austin, Matt and Nic Patrizi opened it up with chef Patrick Shaw, bringing together the Italian recipes of their great-grandfather with Cajun and Creole influences. Fried chicken thigh, house-cured tasso gumbo, roasted beet salad...all of it paired with their amazing cocktails. Finish the meal with their bread pudding and you'll see why this spot is a must.




USE | Mosquito String Lights


We don't know how it was where you are, but after a rainy spring and summer, the mosquito season here was rough last year. Having guests over for a backyard BBQ meant having oily sprays handy or burning candles and hoping for some peace. Tiki Brand just released these repellent string lights that fit right into any patio decor for a more subtle way to fight pests. Another plus? You can turn off the repellent bulbs outside of mosquito season for a regular source of light for backyard get-togethers.




PLAY | Vigilante Gastropub & Games


A recent birthday gathering made its way to Vigilante Gastropub, and we're already looking for friends to go back with. Lovers of board games will feel at home here, with a full menu to choose from based on number of players, skill, and interest. When they say it's full service, they mean it. Cocktails, boozy milkshakes, delicious snacks, full sandwiches and more; your table also comes with a game master to help you navigate the unlimited list of options. A great addition to a night out with friends, our love of board games has definitely been revived.




DRINK | Poppi


Created in a kitchen as an apple cider vinegar and fresh fruit juice combo, Poppi has branched out from its Texas roots. A better "soda" option, this prebiotic is flavored with natural sweeteners and is our go-to for a healthier drink option during the workday. We're fans of the watermelon flavor, but they have a long list to choose from. Heck, why not try them all?




FOLLOW | Ebru Yildiz


Music fans might already recognize her work. Photographing Perfume Genius, Solange, and St. Vincent, Ebru Yildiz's talent is recognizable and spellbinding. Strong details and stark contrasts draw you into her portraits, giving off a feeling of intensity and making you want to see more. Give her a follow on Instagram or head over to her site and you'll see what we mean.




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