Saturday Six 194

Saturday Six 194


DRINK | Slow Luck


Produced in Austin, Slow Luck offers up non-alcoholic spirits, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy something refreshing with friends, but who doesn't drink or is taking a break. Available at bars around the city, it can also be ordered online so you can mix up a cocktail at home or at your next dinner with friends as an alcohol-free option.




EAT | Soo Bak


Another one of our favorites from the Albuquerque trip, Soo Bak is a casual-dining, Korean fusion restaurant where you can choose an in-house favorite or design your own. Grab yourself a classic bowl or burrito and go from there (we got the Green Bibimbap with tempura avocado, and added in egg and sweet chili tofu - we're so glad we did).  Be sure to try the kimchi while you're there to round out the perfect meal.




SHOP | RoryPots


This small-batch ceramics shop in Burlington, VT, creates unique and beautiful pieces; everything from mugs to vases to light fixtures and works of art to complete any room. She's currently doing pre-orders, plus custom work and creative trade (if you have a craft you can reach out for a trade, barter or bargain). Not in the market for any new pieces? Give her a follow on Instagram for an upgrade to your feed.




USE | Seek by iNaturalist 


Great for anyone who gets outside solo or for families looking to teach kids more about plants and animals, Seek is an app made for exploring the world around you. Identify birds, flowers, trees and insects, and earn badges to make it more fun for the younger ones. Get outside, start snapping photos, and keep learning.




LISTEN | "where are you now" by Fog Lake and DJ Poolboi 


Fog Lake (Newfoundland solo artist) and DJ Poolboi (electronic producer from Austin) just came together to create the single where are you now. Aaron Powell's gentle and soothing vocals paired with Adam Ansley's (DJ Poolboi) atmospheric instrumentals, make a beautiful melody that became our background music while working, cooking, get the point.




FOLLOW | @moorebetterart 


Lauren Moore, a local Austin artist, makes artwork and goods that may be familiar from pop-ups around town. You can buy her prints  in singles or sets, and we love following her on social media to see her work in progress or how the finished product looks at home. Give her a follow to see what we mean and to hear about the next event so you can check it out in person.




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