Saturday Six 195

Saturday Six 195


DRINK | Spokesman


Austin isn’t short on great coffee shops, but there’s one where many a Saturday Six has been crafted. If you head into any Spokesman location, you’re sure to be greeted by an incredible staff and served up some amazing coffee. Our favorite one to stop by is their Highland location, boasting two stories of workspace with the upper level looking out over the neighboring climbing gym. (Ok, sometimes it can be a little distracting, but still interesting to watch.) They also offer up vegan tacos if you want to grab a bite, or a bag of their very own roasts to bring home with you.




USE | drylands wilds 


They describe their process as “less than romantic” because harvesting for their products often involves using plants that are being cleared for construction sites or removing invasive species for their cuttings. We would say that sounds like a process we can stand behind. Add to that their long list of pure ingredients, amazing fragrances, quality goods, and artistic branding that we love, dryland wilds is one of our favorite companies for natural products straight from the desert.



photo by jenny huang/prop stylist: beatrice chastka/food stylist: tyna hoang


MAKE | Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home by Eric Kim 


It may be a strange way to do it, but we often find our cookbooks through podcasts, and this is one of those. We love to hear the stories behind the recipes we make, and Eric Kim includes them along with stunning photos to get your mouth watering. He highlights the arc of his life growing up in Georgia to Korean parents and how that influences what he cooks today. These are not your typical traditional recipes, nor are they modern takes on classics. They’re something altogether their own and completely delicious.




DOWNLOAD | Campspot 


Booking a getaway is pretty easy in 2022, with endless sites for flights, car rentals, vacation homes, and hotels. Finding a great campground, standing tent, or cabin takes a little bit more digging, and this app makes it easier by doing the digging for you. With over 110,000 options (and growing) throughout the US and Canada, anyone looking for a more remote stay should check this one out.




LISTEN | Pastlife by Day Wave 


Day Wave is one that many of you have heard of, so this isn’t an introduction to his “new-wave synth pop” (that’s the best genre we could come up with to describe his music). Instead, this is an introduction to his upcoming album Pastlife, whose title track has already been released and played multiple times a week here since it’s release last month. He recently out two more songs from the album that comes out in June, so those were quickly added to the repeating loop we've been playing him on.




FOLLOW | @alanfeltus 


American-born artist, Alan Feltus, now lives in Italy where his Renaissance style paintings fit in well with the artists of past and present around him. We stumbled upon his work through social media and were immediately taken aback by the details of each scene he creates. When we learned that he paints without using models, instead pulling from memories or using mirrors, it added to the already growing admiration of his skill.



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