Saturday Six 196

Saturday Six 196


EAT | The Pharmacy 


Another great spot that we found during our trip to Albuquerque was Farmacy. Located in Nob Hill, if you’re headed there for brunch (which is definitely recommended by us), be sure to make a reservation. News spread fast about their great food, cocktails, and coffee, so this is a popular spot and well worth the hype. Snag a spot on the patio and bring a friend who likes to share, because you’re going to want to try everything on the menu.




BROWSE | The Renner Project 


Kimberly Renner has an eye for beautiful furniture and interior decorating. As a designer and previous restorer of historic Austin homes, we love stopping by this store/studio space where everything is a piece of art. Vintage, antique, and modern pieces all come together beautifully, so whether you’re shopping for something new for your own home or you just want to take a look at the collection, we suggest stopping by the Renner Project.




LISTEN | Absolutely Mental 


Absolutely Mental is a podcast that can be described as two friends talking about everyday life, important questions, and incredibly unimportant but hilarious thoughts that cross their minds. Hosted by Ricky Gervais and Sam Harris, it’s a mix of comedy and philosophy that you’ll want to tune in for regularly. 




READ | Today by Julie Morstad 


One of our new favorite reads for the young ones in our family, Today by Julie Morstad is full of adorable illustrations and tons of choices for all the things that you could eat, see, wear, or do throughout your day. Flipping through its pages, it gives little readers an opportunity to explore where they could go or maybe talk about where their day went if this is a bedtime read. It’s a great book to regularly pull off the shelf and flip through together.




DRINK | St. Elmo Brewing Co. 


A local brewery dedicated to turning out delicious creations, St Elmo has a wide range of beer on tap. From sours to IPAs to stouts, they also offer up a beautiful space to sit and enjoy it with friends on a sunny day. If you’re looking to take something to go, they can also do that, making it easy to bring along to that next backyard BBQ or enjoy during a weekend relaxing at home.




SUPPORT | Parley 


We all know that the ocean is an incredibly diverse ecosystem, but did you know that by 2050, 90% of the worlds coral reefs will be gone? The negative impacts on this vast piece of our planet can be startling, but there’s so much that each of us can do and Parley is here to help us feel like it’s achievable. They offer up educational opportunities, events, and coordinated efforts to clean up our beaches and waterways, allowing us to be a part of a community that spans the planet. Click here to learn even more about all that we can do together. 



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