Saturday Six 199

Saturday Six 199


DRINK | Alta Marfa Wine


With their farms located in the Davis Mountains of Texas, Alta Marfa strives to make their wines from what is unique to their specific region while also ensuring that the land remains healthy and the mark they leave is minimal. It's no surprise that their thoughtful approach to the environment extends to everything else they do. Their marketing is bright and fun; their wines range from light and refreshing to full-bodied and sippable. Although they're not shipping orders until October from their site, you can try them out at a long list of places until then. That's plenty of time to taste them all. 




LISTEN | Damien Jurado "Reggae Film Star"


With his new album out June 24th, Damien Jurado has already  released singles from the upcoming "Reggae Film Star." His lo-fi folk style that has held us as steadfast fans throughout the years is ever-present in these new songs, reminding us why we love each and every melody he weaves together. There are five songs already available for you to listen to, and we highly suggest putting them on while you read the rest of this Saturday Six. 




WATCH | Suited


We previously featured the company Bindle & Keep in our weekly picks, so when we saw a documentary about them on HBO, we had to see it. At HELM, we've always felt that clothes can be uplifting and how you feel in them when you look in the mirror matters, but many of us take for granted how much is marketed towards us to help us feel that way. Suited follows individuals who have had to settle for clothes made with other people in mind, and what it's like for them to step through a door and have something created just for them, often for the first time in their lives. It's heartfelt and moving and deeply personal for every person featured, so if you want to feel uplifted, here's your next watch. 




BAKE | Spiced Peach Muffins


We're just getting into peach season here in Texas, and with an ample source of this fruit everywhere we turn, we had to find some great recipes that incorporate them. This one from King Arthur Baking Company is fast and easy, and even better with fresh peaches from Fredericksburg or the farm stands you see on weekend drives here. Add in a mix of blueberries or even oranges or applesauce and you'll have a perfect treat for breakfast, or an afternoon snack...or late night dessert... 




WEAR | Nomadic Volley Shorts


Outerknown is one of our favorite sustainable and globally conscious brands, along with making high-quality, comfortable clothing that we want to live in. The Nomadic Volley shorts are a favorite for summer, and although you can swim in them, they're designed to do so much more than that. Made from a recycled twill blend, they dry quickly so you can head straight from the pool to the store to the backyard BBQ. Throw in the fact that they come in nine colors and you can't go wrong with these. 




WRITE | Letters to SAGE


SAGE is an organization that creates a network of support for the elderly, and importantly, LGBTQ+ elders. They work with longterm care facilities, policymakers, and communities to educate and encourage advocacy and the attainability of fundamental rights and services. Whether you donate, volunteer or become an ambassador, there are numerous ways you can take part in the important work they do. During the month of June, Letters to SAGE gives us the chance to send positive messages and letters to their two buildings (one in Brooklyn and one in the Bronx). Something as simple as a letter can make a difference and ensure someone else feels seen and appreciated, so why not mail two on your own or grab some friends to create a bundle?




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