Saturday Six 200

Saturday Six 200


SIP | Nouvelle


On a recent trip to Louisville, we ducked into this outdoor garden patio to enjoy a glass of wine. This turned into a couple more glasses, some artisan chocolates, a charcuterie plate, and talking with the employee behind the bar who ended up showing us around even more of the city. With their rotating menu and unique selection, paired with a staff that will give you a true southern welcome, we can't wait to go back next time we're there. If you find yourself walking through NuLu, stop in, enjoy a glass, and make a new friend. 




WATCH | Final Table


Fans of cooking contests may have already watched this entire series, but for us it was brand new. Twelve teams of renowned chefs from all over the world pair up to show off their ability to interpret dishes that they haven't made in years (if ever). Each episode features a different country and a signature dish, with each team giving it their own unique twist. All we can say is don't get too attached to any of the contests - it's fast-paced and you never know who might be going home.




ATTEND | David Amdur Memorial Exhibition


Although not originally from Austin, David Amdur became a staple of the city. His art was part of the community just as much as he was, and this memorial exhibit at the Lydia Street Gallery pulls together over five decades of his creativity to celebrate his life. With work that included paintings, sculptures, wood and stone work, prints and more, there is so much to see, so don't miss its closing reception tonight from 7-10pm. There will be a sale on select items following the close of the exhibit through July 24th, and you can check here for more info.   




FOLLOW | Green Grow Blog


There are plenty of plant blogs to follow (and we do follow quite a few), but this is by far one of our favorites. Skipping the long posts, they're photo-heavy for people who love to see the growth progression of a plant, from seed to shrub. Whether you're interested in common everyday varieties or rare finds, it gives quick and easy care tips and doesn't hide examples and images of their missteps and mistakes. Add in that it's free of ads, banners and clutter, and it quickly becomes a calming online jungle to escape to. 




JOIN | NYPL & WNYC Virtual Book Club


Whether it's isolation, introversion, or just adulthood, meeting new people has had its challenges over the last few years. For avid readers, Bookclubs makes it even easier, pulling together fellow bibliophiles and inspiring connection while building an online community. They help you form a club, organize meetups, start conversations and find your next read. Their groups, recommendations and discussion suggestions are all available for free, so take advantage of this valuable tool and start reading. 



photo by mick de paola


CELEBRATE | Pride Picnic


Tomorrow only at Kingsbury Commons, Pease Park Conservancy and Future Front Texas are having a picnic to celebrate Pride from 12p-4p. Over 40 small-business vendors, local and curated picnic food, shaved snow to cool you off, a splash pad to cool you off even more, a biergarten, coffee, and face's all going to be there, so hopefully you will too. Bring a blanket, a swimsuit, your friends, and come out to enjoy their first-ever community Pride Picnic.



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