Saturday Six 201

Saturday Six 201


MAKE | Oven Baked Potato Chips


Everyone has found themselves with potatoes in the pantry they don’t know what to do with, or just in need of a quick party snack for that surprise drop-in by friends. This recipe for homemade oven-baked chips is the solution to a healthier and delicious potato chip option, plus it’s incredibly easy. Try them out this weekend as a great addition to those holiday burgers or sandwiches.




DRINK | Richard's Rainwater


Whether sparkling or still, Richard's Rainwater goes beyond your regular refreshment. Serving up clean rainwater that’s never touched by chemicals, they started in 1998 outside of Austin, TX. They’ve now expanded, setting up spots across the globe to sustainably collect clean drinking water for communities who may not have that option otherwise. Not only that, when you buy from them you support non-profits who are committed to clean water initiatives, so everyone everywhere can feel better about the water they drink. 




FOLLOW | Courtney Juen


We would have been drawn in by these beautiful pieces regardless, but what initially caught our attention about Courtney Juen was her Instagram Videos of her creating stunning ceramic vases, tableware and jewelry is entirely mesmerizing and calming. Give her a follow to see her creative process, or you can also head over to her website and read even more about how she got here.



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DOWNLOAD | Insight Timer


Speaking of calming, this free app is sure to add some peace into your day. With over 130,000 meditations that are guided by thousands of teachers, it offers up workshops, events, talks, sleep tracks and even practices and exercises for kids. Whether you meditate on a regular basis or you’re just looking to try it out, Insight Timer is a perfect way to keep you on track with daily mindfulness. 




EXPLORE | The Pocket Scavenger 


A great way to add some fun into a weekend routine with kids, The Pocket Scavenger is a journal that will guide you on a hunt for objects and new ways to look at the world. The first step is exploring and finding random items - something from the year you were born, a part of something you ate, something that is broken, and so on. The next step is to tell a story about it (a great way to get kids into writing) and then make the item something altogether new (a great way to inspire kids to be  inventive.) It offers up fun ideas that foster movement, exploration, and creativity.




WEAR | Mineral Lotion SPF With Green Algae


Before we head out in the sun, we like to make sure that whatever we put on our skin isn’t loaded with chemicals, canceling out our efforts of protecting ourselves from one thing with the negative effects of another. Luckily not only is Supergoop an eco-friendly and eco-conscious company, it skips the chemicals and is 100% mineral-based. Sweat resistant, water resistant, and great for sensitive skin, put some of this on for peace of mind before enjoying those summer days outside.




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