Saturday Six 202

Saturday Six 202


EAT | bar Vetti


Although you can stop by for brunch or lunch, we swung by bar Vetti in Louisville for a birthday dinner. It ended up being a perfect way to celebrate - a beautiful, clean, and stylish interior serving up Italian food with fresh, local ingredients. Try any of the share plates before digging into one of their pizzas or pasta dishes. We tried the corn Companelle with blue crab and the Bucatini with beef and pasta. Now pasta may never be the same for us. Try them out and you’ll see what we mean.




LISTEN | Why Bonnie


Fans of Hazel English or Hovvdy should give this a listen (if they haven’t already). Described as “bedroom pop," Why Bonnie has released singles throughout the beginning of 2022, accumulating to this collection of four songs that perfectly exhibit the Austin bands dreamy melodies. For a more laid-back but beautifully composed set, put this one on and float away.




FOLLOW | Riso Chan


Based out of Amsterdam, this Instagram artist instantly captivated us with her whimsical and intricately detailed watercolors. Her feed is full of portraits interwoven with bright colors and elements of nature. If you're like us, watercolor isn't the easiest medium to work with, and Riso Chanmakes it look absolutely effortless. Give her a follow or, if you're feeling inspired, you can even book an online course with her here




CAFFEINATE | Fidel & Co.


On a recent roadtrip we passed through Little Rock and were in need of a caffeinated pick-me-up. Having never tried Fidel & Co. we decided to stop in, and we're so glad we did. Helpful, friendly staff. Delicious coffee. Tasty bites. We ended up getting the avocado toast, ricotta toast, an americano and their espresso. Needless to say, we left full, very awake, and exited to come back. 




READ | Taaqtumi


It may not be October, but this one is great for any time of year. A collection of horror stories written by Inuit authors, it explores the monsters and nightmares that can be hiding in the dark or the ones that escape from legends. Using details unique to the writers’ own surroundings, it uses the weather, the elements, and limited daylight to play on your worst fears. Fair warning, some tales can be explicit and gory, so this is not one to share with younger kids.




CREATE | Inspired by Famous Artists


Not only a chance to create, this kit is a chance to learn. An art box for kids, it includes tutorials and everything they need to make paintings in the style of famous artists like Monet, Van Gogh and O'Keeffe. It will show them different techniques, mediums, and tools to use wile also throwing in some art history and inspiring their own unique creativity to shine through. One box includes 4 artists and is the perfect gift for that young aspiring artist in the family. 



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