Saturday Six 204

Saturday Six 204


WATCH | News of the World


The story of a Civil War veteran traveling the open expanses of Texas to bring news to small towns and encampments, News of the World is beautiful and heartfelt and tense. Tom Hanks' character comes across a young girl who has been orphaned twice, and he takes it upon himself to find her remaining family located south of San Antonio. Taking place in the late 1800s, Texas was a land of high tension, anger, and outlaws, but this movie explores what can exist, thrive, and grow within that environment.




FOLLOW | Connor Liljestrom


Sticking with the Western theme, we're moving onto artists we think you should follow. Connor Liljestrom is from Jackson, Wyoming, where he also received a BA in fine art from the University there. His work touches on desert culture, history, and how pop-culture views the West. From detailed portraits to colorful abstracts, his art is a wide range that is often sweeping reds and desert yellows. Give him a follow on Instagram or head over to his website and see more of his work there.




EAT | Uncle Nicky's


This is a perfect one for anything from your morning coffee to your after-work cocktail to your late night glass of wine and dinner. With one location in Hyde Park and another in the Cat Noir Hotel down the street from HELM, Uncle Nicky's is an all-day place for Italian eats and delicious drinks. Try their truffled eggs for brunch, sip on a spritz with a cheese plate for happy hour, or dive into their homemade pesto fusilli for dinner. That’s just to name a few of their options on the menu, but you’ll have to stop by to see the full spread - just show up hungry and thirsty.




LISTEN | Aporia


Released back in 2020, Aporia is an album that brings together the talent of Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather, Lowell Brams. Brams fostered the young Stevens’ talent and encouraged his musical interests with his first keyboard, a 4-track recorder, and an introduction to Bob Dylan when Stevens was young. This collaboration is a relaxing collection of synth and warm, sprawling tracks - a family jam session at its finest and a great soundtrack to unwind to.




SHOP | Harry Barker


Bringing together a love for our four-legged friends and our desire to shop more eco-friendly brands, Harry Barker makes it easy with their line of beds, dishes, leashes, colors, toys and more. They use recycled and sustainable materials, give back to animal-related and eco-conscious organizations, and it doesn’t hurt that their goods are beautiful to look at. Everything is high-quality, azo-free, and even their bags are biodegradable to cut back on the amount of plastic used for dog walks and dog waste. They’re absolutely a brand that we (and our furry friends) can get behind.




BAKE | Paul Hollywood's Classic Recipes


Whether you’re a fan of the Great British Baking Show or just a fan of baking, this book from Paul Hollywood is a perfect collection of classic recipes (which you can easily tell from the title). With over 40 years of experience, he's honed the best and easiest techniques so that the recipes in this book are perfect for both beginners and experienced bakers alike. It has easy to follow steps, a variety of recipes to choose from, photos to accompany the directions, and helpful tips and tricks. Just flipping through and looking at some of the pictures will get you into the mood for baking, we promise.



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