Saturday Six 205

Saturday Six 205


ATTEND | Austin Fall Home & Garden


Maybe you're in the middle of a renovation or maybe you have some future projects in mind. Either way, the Austin Home & Garden show brings together some of the nation's top products,  best experts, and stunning presentations. Providing inspiration for any current or future update around the house, it kicks off next weekend from the 12th to the 14th at the Austin Convention Center. Grab your tickets here



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LISTEN | "The Redaction" by Night Moves


Fans of the bands Jaguar Sun, Real Estate, or even The Gaslight Anthem, will find familiarity in the sounds of Night Moves. Out of Minnesota, the members met in high school and created their dynamic sound - a mix of styles that we can only suggest you listen to so you can see for yourself. Their newest album, "The Redaction", has a touch of melancholy woven into its lyrics, but still holds onto its indie-pop inspired sound that we've fallen in love with. See for yourself. 




READ | "Behind the Horror" by Lee Mellor


Movie lovers and book lovers can unite over this one. Lee Mellor pulls together the most classic horror films and tells the true stories behind them. What inspired The Exorcist? What real shark existed before the monster in Jaws? Where did the classic look for Freddie in Nightmare on Elm Street come from? It's all here and easily proves that history can be scarier than the big screen. 




GRILL | Food52 Any Night Grilling


There isn't much that will bring us out into the heat right now, but grilling is well worth it and yields a great reward for stepping out in 100+ temperatures. What we love most about this one is the wide range of recipes - for the pros throwing a blowout BBQ get-together to the first-time griller looking to shake up the dinner routine. Tips on which grill to look for or which charcoal to use preface delicious recipes for vegetables, meats, and even breads. Whether you break these recipes out every other night or every other week, it's a great guide to have on hand for some grilling motivation. 




FOLLOW | @whistleburg


Based out of Australia, Renee Melia creates brilliant drawings that first captured our eye on social media. Portraits filled with patterns, textures and bright colors, we found ourselves scrolling back through years of her work on Instagram. Her artwork and cards can easily brighten any room (or mailbox), and you can get a print of your own here, or even share her talents with friends and family via postcard. 



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SUPPORT | The Nature Conservancy


Striving to conserve the land and water that surrounds us no matter where you're reading this, The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit that has grown into one of the world's most effective organizations for preserving the diversity of life. Right now their 2022 photo contest is underway throughout the rest of August, and you can submit your photos here. Not a photographer but still want to take part in all that they do? You can volunteer, attend one of their events, sign a pledge, or even just take a look at some of the work they've done over the last century. 




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