Saturday Six 206

Saturday Six 206


VISIT | Painted Cloth Exhibit at The Blanton


Opening tomorrow, the Painted Cloth exhibit at the Blanton features Indigenous and European textiles from Latin America through the 1600s into the 1700s. A stunning showcase of their role throughout history - from production to presentation, from religious to regular wear - this new installation at our Museum of Art here in Austin is a must-visit for fashion, history, and art lovers alike. 




LISTEN | Infamous America


A friend told us about this podcast after they listened to the season about John Dillinger, and after we finished those episodes we quickly dove into the other. From Billy the Kid to the Salem Witch Trials to Bonnie and Clyde, each set of episodes explores gangsters, famous scandals, killers, and mysterious occurrences. With 21 seasons to choose from, it's easy to find a subject that draws you in and only hard to stop listening once you do. 




EAT | Anything's Baked Potato


Called the "best baked potatoes in Austin", Anything's Baked Potato located on Rosewood near our shop has earned that title. Loaded with fried chicken, stir-fried veggies, brisket, andouille sausage or salmon and asparagus (just to name a few), they also offer up wings and fries. When we say loaded, we mean it - this place doesn't skimp on toppings, so it's best to show up hungry.




WATCH | Trainwreck: Woodstock '99


Each episode of this three part series covers a day of the Woodstock '99 festival, famous for all the wrong reasons. Whether it was the greed of the organizers, the heat and lack of water, the lineup that fueled volatility, or the angry concert go-ers, the festival ended in assaults, fire, and complete destruction. We remembered bits and pieces back in '99 when it was featured on the news, but this docuseries exposes what was happening behind the scenes and after dark. 




DRINK | Deli 126


One of our favorite cocktail bars whenever we make it back to New England, Deli 126 has a well-curated list of cocktails, wine and beer. In proper speakeasy style, the front room is a deli by day, but by night you can access the bar through one of the walk-in freezers. Decorated in 1920's style, they feature delicious drinks served up in vintage glassware, and you can even catch a live band on the right night. Just head over to College Street downtown and find your way into this hidden gem. 




BOOK | SHED Barber


When we get a haircut and style, we look for a place that feels like hanging out with friends, like the quintessential image of a neighborhood barbershop. At SHED you get exactly that; a quality cut while you sip on a beer and listen to a vinyl collection that has us envious. They just opened up a third location on Airport near Toy Joy, and we've already stopped by for a freshen up with one of their friendly and incredibly talented barbers. Why not feel great before you walk out looking great?





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