Saturday Six 211

Saturday Six 211


BROWSE | Brave Books


Located in a early 1900's bungalow in El Paso, Brave Books is a welcoming and charming bookstore that is family owned and operated. We stopped in to browse and were quickly greeted by Yofi the shop cat who wandered the rooms right along with us. After picking up a couple of new reads, we hung around and spoke with the owner, Jud, and learned more about the programs they offer, giveaways, events, and their work to raise the literacy rate in the city. Stop by and say hi to easily one of the friendliest shop owners we’ve met, his rescue cat, and his daughter, Anna, who is there every weekend.




EAT | Savage Goods


Just down the way from the bookstore in El Paso (and also family owned) is Savage Goods. We would call it a bakery but it’s a lot more than that, serving up delicious burgers, burritos, a wide range of breakfast plates, wraps, and coffee. Of course there’s also donuts baked in-house and available by the half dozen or a dozen. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a churro (or six) when you stop by.




DRINK | Curly's Water


If you’re like us, you definitely need caffeine to get your day started, as well as a little more in the afternoon (and ok…sometimes we’ve been known to have coffee long after clocking out…) Although we're not about to swear off coffee completely, it's dehydrating and during a busy workday we sometimes forget to add water into our routine. Here’s where Curly's comes in. A Texas brand co-created by our friend Nate Pruitt, it’s caffeinated water with a blend of electrolytes in eco-friendly bottles - a great substitute for energy drinks, soda, or that 3rd cup of coffee that we got into the habit of drinking. Another added perk is that Nate created a code for friends of HELM to try it out for 10% off. FALLHELM10 is the code that they made for our Saturday Six readers - like a "friend of a friend" discount.



performing at the Ontario Jazz Festival in 1981 - Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images


LISTEN | Ramsey Lewis


Ramsey Lewis was a true crossover artist, mastering jazz and then becoming a popstar in the 1960s. He passed away only a few days ago and we’ve found ourselves diving back into his music and reliving the genre through this absolute legend. His music was smooth and complex and perfectly composed, making it obvious why he was often referred to as “an ambassador for jazz.“ We suggest pouring yourself a glass of wine, sitting back, and listening to the timeless music that Lewis created.




SHOP | Vollebak


Clothing has served a purpose for thousands of years, from keeping us warm, to protecting us from the elements, to boosting our confidence. At Vollebak, two athlete and designer brothers blend science and technology with fashion to add new purpose to what we wear. From solar charged jackets, to 100-year sweat pants that give the word durability new meaning, to black algae t-shirts made to break down completely at the end of their life - this is a brand that attempts to (and succeeds at) making clothing that's never been seen before, meant to enhance everyday wear for a thousand more years to come. Check out their Planet Earth T-Shirt that’s designed to be worn in any environment from mountain top to a river bottom to worksite.






Starting in the 70s, the National Alliance on Mental Illness has grown over the years and is still working harder than ever to bring advocacy, education, awareness, and support to individuals, family, and friends of those affected by mental illness. No matter where you are in the country or the world, we encourage you to take a look at NAMI and see how you can be a part of their incredibly important movement. If you happen to be in Austin, you can register and head over to the Palmer Center next Saturday to join in for their walk, offering solidarity and support as a community. 



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