Saturday Six 212

Saturday Six 212


WATCH | Welcome to Wrexham


What happens when Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny take over a Welsh Association football club? Luckily somebody documents it, which is how we ended up with Welcome to Wrexham, a series that follows the two men on a real life “Ted Lasso“ style journey. It’s a well done, addicting watch that will have you saying “just one more episode” over and over until the end.





 EAT | Taconeta


Anytime we find ourselves in El Paso, we'll be sure to stop by Taconeta. Homemade tortillas, fresh ingredients, and everything made that day, they serve up delicious tacos and just as delicious cocktails. The Baja Fish, the El Teofilo, the vegan Milpa Bowl, Grilled Sweet Potato - all paired with a watermelon or hibiscus margarita. You can’t go wrong and you can’t over order. 




FOLLOW | Kathleen Neeley


Out of Tulsa, Kathleen Neeley is an illustrator that first caught our eye on Instagram. The amount of detail that goes into each of her pieces makes them easy to pore over. If you fall in love with what you see there, then you can also reach out to her for prints and commissioned work for your own collection. and see even more of her stunning art there as well.





LISTEN | Montell Fish


To be honest we don’t actually remember how we found Montell Fish, but we know we’re glad we did. His haunting vocals and resonating guitar along with the apparent grief and search for resolution make his 2022 album, JAMIE, a beautiful collection of songs that can be gentle, relaxing, and even therapeutic (depending on your state of mind). He also just released a new single called Hotel, and we can’t wait to hear what follows.





PLANT | Arbor Day Memorial Trees


The Arbor Day Foundation has been planting trees for over 50 years, for the health of our planet and the health of ourselves. One of the amazing services they offer is planting trees in memory, whether it’s for a friend, a family member, or a beloved pet. You can choose your forest and the number of trees to plant there, along with a card to commemorate the donation. It’s a meaningful and impactful way to create a lasting memorial.




ATTEND | Austin Record Convention


Next weekend kicks off the Austin Record Convention, the largest sale in the U.S. of 78s, 45s, LPs, CDs, cassettes, memorabilia, and anything a collector could ever dream of. Hundreds of dealers from all over the country and Europe come together at the Palmer Events Center to give you a chance to find that one-of-a-kind record or rare collectors item. With a collection like this, we suggest getting your tickets ahead of time and getting there early so you have plenty of time to browse. 

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