Saturday Six XLI

Saturday Six XLI

Saturday Six Vol.XLI


This high school football documentary by Bradley Beesley follows the triumphs and struggles of life in a small town, where football is not only the brightest stage but also the best ticket out. Funny, enlightening, heartwarming and heart wrenching, if you live in the U.S. then this is a peek inside the middle of our country that you can only get via a filmmaker born and raised in Oklahoma. We recommend it. Premiering in Austin Sunday Oct. 28th at the State Theater at 7:15 as part of the Austin Film Festival — there’s a second screening on Wednesday the 31st (Halloween) at 8:15 at the Rollins. Tickets are available 45-minutes prior to the screenings. Touchdown!




Pine and Crane is a fast-casual, Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant located in the heart of Silver Lake. They take pride in their food and presentation, and wow, does it show! They source seasonal produce from their family's local Asian vegetable farm, so their vegetable dishes often change. Yum! In addition to Taiwanese staples like Three Cup Chicken and Beef Noodle Soup, they offer additional dishes that are literally better than anything similar we’ve ever had. The Potstickers (Kurobuta Pork, Taiwanese Cabbage) and the DAN DAN Noodles  (Sesame-Peanut Sauce, Chili Oil, Cucumbers, Peanuts) left us wanting to go back so badly that we can’t wait to get back and try the ever popular Beef Roll (Cucumber, Cilantro, Scallions, Hoisin) and the house-favorite Layered Pork Pancake (Kurobuta Pork, Scallions.) If you beat us there, let us know what you have and how it is!




A local in Silverlake told us to try the Draft Latte at La Combe, so we did, and hallowed be thy righteous coffeeness, we were smitten! Cold, frothy and caffeinated - if you can get one on draft at a location near you ,then get there now. If you can’t get one on draft, a can will suffice, and you can find one here or even have some delivered! Get your draft on.




This guy Julien is a Dutch artist who make oil paintings of mainly still lifes and landscapes. He also makes lovely leather watch straps. But more importantly than that is his style. You gotta give his Instagram feed a look-see and applaud his sense of style. Come on, over a thousand photos of himself in attire that is all a pretty strong “10.” Grey hair, grey beard, dandy and distinguished - Julien is straight prime time. 




Artist Gregory Blackstock is autistic. He’s also a retired Seattle pot washer who draws with pencil, black marker and sometimes crayons. His art is wondrous in it’s simplistic beauty, and the details in his work are astonishing. Astounding drawings and lists of wasps, trout, butterflies, hats, tanks, helicopters and so so so much more. His preferences are often noted, and the uniqueness of everything about his art is evident in this collection. You can read more about him and his life and also view how his mind sees the world here.




Men, your grooming matters, and you know this. If you’re not keeping your gig A-Game, then you gotta let Woody Lovell help. We met him last week when we were in LA, and after spending some good time with him at his shop, we gotta say that he not only knows what he’s talking about, but he has the track record to prove it. He comes from a long line of barbers and owns and operates his own first-rate shop in a city and area where being legit is just that. We brought home a kit, and the Pomade and Woody’s Cologne have taken our courage up a notch, so we’ll be adding more to cart as soon as payroll hits.

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