Saturday Six C

Saturday Six C


This is the last Saturday Six of 2019. Here’s to an awesome year - see you again in 2020! 


Did you know that there are over 7,500 breweries operating in the U.S.? Woah! Who in the heck is going to take the time to taste enough of them to pick the best? Answer: VinePair. Trends this year include Belgian-style farmhouse ales and lower-alcohol/session beers (also known as“better-for-you” or “healthier” beers.) VinePair’s criteria is pretty simple - mainly that all beers must be available for retail in the U.S. Give these top 50 a once-over and see what you’re missing. It’s beer time! 



“I do not like them Sam I am!” Growing up, Dr. Seuss was always one of our favorite authors, so even as an adult this one is especially exciting. “Horse Museum” was released in September 2019 and is based on an unfinished manuscript by Dr. Seuss, completed by Australian illustrator Andrew Joyner. From the undying imagination of Theodor Seuss Geisel, this  book helps children (and adults) understand the sometimes puzzling world of art. In a tour through Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum, you get to see art in a new frame of history. Seeing objects through many different artist’s eyes helps you see artwork and pieces from totally different visions. As unique as ever and accompanied by surprise drop-ins from Cat in the Hat and the Grinch,  including reproductions from Picasso, Édouard Manet, Pollock, and more, this is an exhibition you won't want to miss.

photo by Terry Richardson



Paul's Boutique is the second studio album by the Beastie Boys, released on July 25, 1989. The Dust Brothers produced the album that is composed almost entirely from samples. Considered a foundation in hip hop, this is a landmark record and is on so many “greatest albums of all time” lists that it’s bananas. So here’s what we suggest. Listen to these samples and then go listen to the album beginning to end. It’ll blow your mind. Here is Every Sample from Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique,” and here is the album. Golden. 



If you love classic cars like we do then you must salute the Ford Mustang. The 2.3 L 4-cylinder, 5.0 L V8 just shy of 500 horsepower - that’ll do it. There’s also the infamous scene in Bullit where Steve Mcqueen is driving the 1968...well, you remember. That’s where this Mustang gets interesting. As souped up cars from Tesla and many more join the ranks as the fastest 0 to 60’s, it’s hard to decide if this 1960’s shelled, electric-powered monster from Charge Cars is the new sanctity, or simply sacrilegious. We won’t go into it here, but you can read more about it via this link if you’d like. We’re gonna keep our traps shut on this one, but we are definitely interested to hear what you think.



We found this new short film about the latest Tycho album intriguing and visually stellar. We get a peak behind the walls of the studio and more via this video about the making of Scott Hansen’s newest Grammy nominated record. He takes us through his discography as evidence of his musical changes and textures and maturation. From drum and bass samples to his musical engineering of new technology, his art is constantly developing, now featuring real instruments that he just started playing at the age of 20. This is his first set of songs, including vocals by the up and coming Hannah Cottrell. The film follows their journey together as they create the album, with Scott acting as Hannah’s mentor. It’s only seven minutes and super insightful. Give it a watch! 




Why do we want you to follow a sign painter? Because his work is incredible. He also does a few pieces for shows here and there and they are just as impressive. If you live in Austin, you probably pretty much see his work every day and might not even know it. Signs for Easy Tiger, Pinthouse, Zilker Brewing, Better Half, Rambler, Knob Creek, Flat Track...the list goes on and on. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that he painted the HELM sign as well. His hand-painted (yes, literally painted by hand) signs and murals adorn the city and are strong, original pieces that the city should be proud of. Joe Swec Sign Paintingbased in Austin, Texas.

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