Saturday Six CVI

Saturday Six CVI

Vegetarian Ventures
Solitary Skiing
Dignified Down-and-Out
Heartwarming Humor
Migratory Memoir
Savory Smorgasbord
This is your Saturday Six Vol. CVI



We're not all vegetarians here at HELM, but we're always looking to try new things. After watching the Netflix documentary The Game Changers, we went looking for some fresh and exciting ways to eat a little healthier. In this follow-up to his bestseller Plenty, Yotam lays out simple recipes that help those of us just entering this world to explore amazing meals minus the meat. Organized by methods like "Tossed", "Braised", "Steamed" and more, the recipes are accompanied by stunning photos that double as helpful guides when using ingredients we're not as familiar with. Butternut squash with buckwheat polenta and tempura lemon, honey roasted carrots with tahini yoghurt, sweet potato with orange bitters - alright, this has us working up an appetite. Let's get cooking!



When most people think about skiing in Wyoming they usually head straight to Jackson Hole and for good reason, since it's been voted as one of the best ski resorts in the country several times. Yet located less than 50 miles from that popular tourist spot is a lesser-known gem, with the terrain and snow to compete with just about anywhere, but without the crowds to go with it. Claiming a spot on the western side of the Tetons, Grand Targhee sports untouched powder with plenty of elbow room to explore, whether you're heading downhill or cross-country. If you're planning a weekend of skiing, we suggest skipping one day at Jackson and making the drive over to Targhee - you definitely won't regret it.



A wealthy family purchases a small town for their son as a joke and, after falling on hard times, is forced to move there as a last resort. Throw in loads of sardonic wit, consistently brilliant writing and a cast that can't be beat (Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Chris Elliiot...and thats just to name a few!) Their sixth and final season is airing now, so if you haven't watched before, you can binge-watch through to the end. If you're already caught up like us, grab the popcorn, put the phone on silent, and get ready to LOL.



You might know Chris Garcia as a standup comedian, maybe as a writer for Adult Swim or Comedy Central, or maybe this is your first time hearing his name. Either way, he's usually associated with laughter and his hilarious stories about his parents, especially his father, Andres. This podcast from WNYC takes a close look at a different side of him, following along as he digs into his father's history in an attempt to be closer to him after his death in 2017 from Alzheimers. He navigates this heartbreaking circumstance skillfully with humor and painfully honest storytelling, as he struggles to honor his father's dying wish. It's beautiful and captivating, hilarious and heart wrenching, and every moment is worth the listen.


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