Saturday Six CXIII

Saturday Six CXIII


Movie marathons, snowman storytelling and meditative mornings - this is the Saturday Six.



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We've all been finding new ways to connect with our friends and family, and now Netflix and Google Chrome just made it even easier to binge watch your favorite series together. No more trying to synch up your TVs on the count of three; just add this extension and invite a friend...or four. With the ability to stop and pause everyone at the exact same time and a chat bar on the side of the screen, Netflix Party is perfect for social distancing or, even when we're able to rejoin each other face-to-face, is great for friends across the country or that long distance relationship. Netflix is offering a month free right now for new users, so log in and start that movie marathon.






As a father himself, Josh Gad understands what it's like trying to keep kids entertained day in and day out without leaving the house. Thats why on March 13th he started reading to kids (and adults) nightly on his Twitter and Instagram, and you better believe he does all the voices. As the voice of Olaf in Frozen, Josh explained, "since we're all stuck at home right now, I figured we would have a little fun together." So whether you're joining in with the kids or you're hopping on Twitter to listen for yourself, every night at 7:30 EST just got a heck of a lot funnier and now comes with some pretty great accents.



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If you're in Austin and looking to support your local restaurants, Austin Takeout Tracker is a great way to still get your favorite dishes for a date night at home while helping out the service industry in the 512. Consistently updated with information on who does curbside takeout, who delivers, and which service can bring it to your door (UberEats, DoorDash, Favor and more), ATT also has curated lists to help you narrow down the choices. Featured collections range from Sweet Tooth to Vegans Save the World to Serious Meats, so you're sure to find something delicious to enjoy at home while making sure our favorite local spots receive some much-needed appreciation.



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Whether you're interested in getting a certification to add to your resume, looking to get your degree while you juggle a hectic life, or you just want to learn more about that favorite hobby or passion, Coursera is an amazing resource. This online learning platform has thousands of specializations, classes and degrees from top universities, and you can learn a lot of it for free and all of it at your own pace. There's even a free course that Yale is offering called the Science of Well-Being that touches on mental wellness, meditation, productivity and overall happiness. Sounds like the perfect assignment to us!






An app that offers small meditations and daily practices that are great for beginners and experts alike, Waking Up with Sam Harris makes it easy to start the day off stress-free. He doesn't just walk you through the "how", he talks you through the "why", giving you an in-depth understanding of exactly how your mind and body are benefiting from the practices. Available on Apple and Android devices, he's also offering a month free to enjoy so mindfulness and a more balanced life can be right at your fingertips anytime you need them.






Although all performances have been cancelled until June, the musicians of the Seattle Symphony are broadcasting free on their YouTube and Twitter. With new programs being announced weekly, you can enjoy the symphony at home, not to mention scheduled shows specific for kids. If you want to show your appreciation for all that they're doing, you can also give to the Future Fund and help support the musicians who are keeping the music going. Right now Stephen Whyte, a Symphony Board member, is matching all donations up to $1 million dollars, so your donation is going twice as far. Tune in, listen, and let's keep the music playing.



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